Persona4 The Golden ANIMATION Season 1 Episodes

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Season 1 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - The Golden Days

A teenager named Yu Narukami transfers to Yasogami High School. He hears from his new friends about something called the "Midnight Channel." Will he attempt to watch a turned-off TV on a rainy night to find out what it is all about?


Episode 2 - The Perfect Plan

Yosuke tells Yu that they should get motorcycles to pick up girls. They head to Okina City on their new bikes on the day that Yu is also supposed to meet Marie, Chie, and Yukiko for clothes shopping. How will he manage to keep everyone happy?


Episode 3 - I have amnesia, is it so bad?

Yu and his friends head down to the beach to enjoy the last days of summer. Everyone seems very keen on knowing more about Marie, even though they are unaware that she has lost her memories.


Episode 4 - The Mayonaka Ohdan Miracle Quiz!

Yu and his friends try to find ways to help Marie retain her memories. Inspired by a TV quiz show, Teddie comes up with the idea of hosting a special quiz show! Will it help Marie remember her memories?


Episode 5 - Let's go get it! Get Pumped!

Yosuke asks Rise to get up on stage and perform to help him and his father. Rise accepts on one condition… That they will all take the stage as a band! Will they succeed in playing music together as a group?


Episode 6 - See? I told you Yu.

There is a new detective in town. He starts working with Dojima. Marie thinks that he gives off a bad vibe and warns Yu to stay away from him. However, Yu wants to get to know him better. Is Marie right about her hunch?


Episode 7 - It's cliché, so what?

Ryotaro and Nanako are in the Inaba Municipal Hospital. Yu gets worried when Dojima tells him that Adachi is at the hospital with them. Yu and the gang go after Adachi. Will Yu be able to convince Adachi to turn himself in?


Episode 8 - Not So Holy Christmas Eve

Yu asks his friends if they are free on Christmas Eve. The girls are under the impression that Yu is asking for a date. How will things prevail?


Episode 9 - A missing piece

Yu is leaving soon and everyone decides they need to make sure their time together is memorable. But as they all go to a ski resort they begin to realise memories of a forgotten past.


Episode 10 - Not a friend anymore

Yu and his friends try to bring Marie back, but the truth behind her memories is preventing them from doing so.


Episode 11 - Let it OUT! Let it GO!

Yu and his friends make their last stand to save Marie and bring her back.


Episode 12 - Welcome Home

Will Yu and his friends finally find out who Marie really is?



Season 1

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