Pingu Season 1 Episodes

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Season 1 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Pingu's Windy Day

It's a very windy day and to stop Pingu and Pinga playing with the laundry basket, Mother has asked them to hang out the washing. But the wind is more than they had bargained for and when the towels get caught by a big gust, Pingu and Pinga give chase. When they return, they are too exhausted to play with Father and his kite!


Episode 1 - Pingu's Sledge Academy

Pingu and his friends Pingo, Pingg and Pongi are out having fun on their sledges, but they're so boisterous that they're a menace to everyone else, leaving chaos behind them wherever they go. Eventually they crash into a fish stall.


Episode 1 - Pingu in Paradise

Pingu and Pinga are playing hide-and-seek. Pingu hides in the toy box while Pinga is counting. Pinga looks for Pingu inside, can't find him and goes to look outside.


Episode 1 - Episode 1

Pingu Is Introduced, Pingu Sits On the Egg


Episode 1 - Pingu Boogaloo

Pingu is playing indoors when Mother comes by, turns on the radio, sits down and starts knitting. Pingu stops playing, and starts dancing to the swing music that is playing on the radio. The phone rings, and Mother turns off the radio and answers it.


Episode 1 - Pingu and the Toyshop

Pingu is out shopping with Mother. They arrive at the cactus stall, and while Mother is trying to make up her mind which one she wants Pingu is rapidly losing interest.


Episode 1 - Pingu and the Band

Pingu and Pinga are driving Mother crazy with their incessant banging - they'll use any surface as a drum! When she sends them out, they try to interest Father in their penguin percussion - but the Post Office is no place for such a racket, so he sends them to Grandfather. When Grandfather inspires Pingu to make real music with icicles and a fish skeleton, Mother and Father realise what talented kids they have!


Episode 2 - Pingu and the Paper Mache

Pingu, Pingi, Pingo and Pingg have arrived at school. Before the bell goes, Pingo starts a snowball fight by throwing a snowball at Pingg. Pingu and Pingg have started to make snowballs when the schoolmaster rings the bell.


Episode 2 - Pingu and the Knitting Machine

Mother's new knitting machine fascinates Pingu - but he isn't allowed to help as much as he'd like. He helps Mother put up a sign and attract customers for woolly scarves and mittens, but he really wants to get his flippers on the knitting machine. When Mother takes a rest from her work, he seizes his chance to knit up a storm!


Episode 2 - Pingu Wants to Fly

Seeing a seagull in flight makes Pingu want to fly, so he and Robby try some ingenious ways of getting Pingu off the ground - jumping, catapulting, and gliding. None are successful until a balloon seller supplies Pingu with some helium balloons. Suddenly it's up, up and away! But Pingu realises that being grounded is actually the best way for a penguin to be.


Episode 2 - Pingu and the Hose

Pingu comes out of the igloo to play, sees a hose lying on the ground and then hears voices coming out of the end of it. He follows the hose to its other end and finds Father and Grandfather in the shed doing some bottling.


Episode 2 - Episode 2

Pingu Helps Deliver the Post, Pingu Goes Fishing


Episode 2 - Pingu and the Daily Igloo

Pingu has found a leaflet advertising for a paper boy, brings it home and persuades Father to let him do it. Father takes him to the paper shop and Pingu goes inside to get the papers. When he comes out with them he can barely lift the box.


Episode 2 - Pingu Is Curious

Pingu is asleep in bed, and is woken by Mother and Pinga singing "Happy Birthday". When he gets up and goes into the kitchen he finds a large parcel waiting for him.


Episode 3 - Pingu Builds a Tower

Pingu, Pinga and Robby are looking at a picture of the Tower of Babel in a book. He spots some ice bricks nearby, and decides he wants to build a tower. Robby and Pinga agree to help.


Episode 3 - Pingu's Bedtime Shadows

It's bedtime but Pingu and Pinga are still outside playing. Mother and Father eventually get them into bed but Pingu and Pinga continue to play - making crazy shadows on their bedroom wall: a walrus, a ship and even Father! But when Mother tells Father to go in and settle them down, he finds it hard to resist joining in...


Episode 3 - Pottery Pingu

Pingu and Pinga are at Grandfather's house. Pingu is a bit curious about what Grandfather is doing. Grandfather says that he's making pottery, and Pingu really wants to try it.


Episode 3 - Episode 3

Pinga Is Born, Pingu Is Jealous


Episode 3 - Pingu and the Rubberband Plane

Pingu is on his way to school with his toy truck when Pongi catches him up. Pongi is carrying a box that contains a model plane powered by a rubber band. Pingu goes to touch the plane but Pongi quickly shuts the box and walks on.


Episode 3 - Sore Tummy Pingu

Pingu's Mother arrives home with groceries, including a box of fish-shaped crackers that gets Pingu and Pinga very excited.


Episode 3 - Pingu Digs a Hole

When Father uses a shovel to get the snow off his snowcart, Pingu decides to try out a bit of digging for himself. Soon he and Robby are tunnelling around the neighbourhood and things start sinking into the snow in their wake! Pingu and Robby find themselves in trouble when the Fishmonger loses a crate of his fish and Mother and Father's picnic disappears below ground!


Episode 4 - Episode 4

Pingu Plays Fish Tennis, Pingu and the Snowball Fight