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Episode 1 - Unbox & Punching Bag

Rookie policewoman Mai Kawai is ready to quit the force when the job turns out to not be what she expected, until the arrival of her new instructor Sergeant Fuji causes her to consider sticking around after all.


Episode 2 - Beginner's Luck / Police Jungle

Kawai continues to learn from her female colleagues what it takes to be a good police officer. The lessons this time involve domestic incidents, and how to deduce what's not immediately obvious.


Episode 3 - Enter the Ace / The Corpse's Tale

Detective Minamoto makes his presence known, now that the vacuum Sgt. Fuji left behind in Criminal Affairs makes him the division ace. Kawai and Fuji confront various societal issues having to do with the treatment of one's elders.


Episode 4 - Dear Dog-Sama & Runner's High

The chase is the thing! Or so Kawai discovers, when a police dog is brought in to help find a missing old man. Then the chasing continues when the police have traffic control duty during a local marathon.


Episode 5 - Late-Night Patrol / Vs. the Groper

Fuji tries to teach Kawai a lesson about responsibility during their late-night patrol shift. Yamada has his work cut out for him when he finds himself investigating an unrepentant train groper.


Episode 6 - The Roaring Mixer / Runaway Police

Fuji and Minamoto have more in common than they'd care to admit, particularly their competitive spirits. This can complicate all manner of things, especially when the next police call could come in at any time.


Episode 7 - Tailing Championship / Smooth Talker

Competition turns personal when our intrepid team is tasked with tailing a meth dealer. When Kawai assists Minamoto with questioning the dealer's ladylove, she gets a front-row seat to his unorthodox approach.


Episode 8 - Rampage of Justice / Musclehead

It's a horrible day in the neighborhood when Kawai finds herself temporarily partnered with Shikine, an officer who tends to be too enthusiastic and by the book for his own good.


Episode 9 - Arrest Techniques / UFO

The lieutenant decides it's high time he applied more discipline to the station's physical training regimen. Kawai and Fuji spend a night fielding one outrageous police report after another.


Episode 10 - Police ID / Trauma

Yamada risks becoming a laughingstock when he commits the cardinal sin of losing his police ID. Kawai must figure out how to deal with one of the more disturbing aspects of being on the force.


Episode 11 - Cannabis and Likeness / Sketch Artist Rhapsody

All Kawai wants to do is take a nap and go home after a long shift, but things never seem to go according to plan. A witness in an assault case has come forward, and someone will have to serve as sketch artist for his testimony.


Episode 12 - Reenactment Doll / First Investigation Division

As the investigation of the assault case ramps up and widens in scope, it becomes obvious that discrepancies between the testimonies of different involved parties will somehow have to be reconciled.


Episode 13 - Decisive Moment / Run Pawn Run

With the suspects on the move, only a limited number of police personnel can tail them without being noticed. Then when a foot chase ensues, it might be Kawai's big chance to make up for past mistakes.



Season 1

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