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Episode 1 - Princess Knight

To stop the evil Duke Duralumon from getting the throne, the King announces that Princess Sapphire was a boy.


Episode 2 - The Flying Horse

Pegasus has come to earth to teach the Princess how to be a gentle girl.


Episode 3 - Princess and the Beggar

Princess Knight meets a beggar named John who is her own age. She decides to trade places with him.


Episode 4 - The Sandman

When Duke Duralumon's son Plastic demands Winter Strawberries out of season, the Duke’s henchmen steal some.


Episode 5 - The Sea Kingdom

Choppy is invited to visit King Neptune’s kingdom. There he meets Princess Neptune.


Episode 6 - The Puppet Show

Choppy falls in love with an adorable girl puppet believing she’s real. .


Episode 7 - The Three Wishes

Choppy discovers an adorable little pixie seeking a way home.


Episode 8 - The Rose Castle

A mysterious man named Prince Brandt sends an exquisite coach to fetch Princess Knight in order to plead for her help.


Episode 9 - The Magic Herb

Each morning, Princess Knight picks a fresh rose and presents it to her mother. Nylon poisons the roses.


Episode 10 - The Phantom Ship

Duke Duralumon hosts a party, where Princess Knight meets Prince Frank.


Episode 11 - The Silverland Carnival

When Prince Frank attends Silverland’s carnival, he dances with a beautiful girl, not realizing that she's Princess Knight in disguise!


Episode 12 - The Magic Pen

Prince Frank gives Princess Knight a magic pen that can only write the truth.


Episode 13 - The Swan

Satan wants to destroy Princess Knight and put his daughter Zenda on the throne.


Episode 14 - The Magic Mirror

When Princess Bella’s magic mirror tells her that Princess Knight is prettier, Bella enlists Nylon’s aid to do away with her.


Episode 15 - The Love Letter

Gary has invented a contraption called a camera! Princess Knight takes a picture of herself dressed as the long-haired girl.


Episode 16 - The Greedy Ghost

Princess Knight hears the story of a greedy woman whose ghost still haunts the old house where she died.


Episode 17 - The Tale of the Fox

Zool is a clever golden fox, who learned Princess Knight's true identity while hiding in her royal tent.


Episode 18 - The Airship

Princess Knight overhears her father and Duke Duralumon discussing a huge airship loaded with lethal artillery.


Episode 19 - The Silver Ship

Duke Duralumon and Baron Nylon search for a legendary silver ship that will help them finance their wars.


Episode 20 - The Magic Cookies

Duke Duralumon instructs a baker to make cookies for the court that contain a secret ingredient that causes the eater do as he is told.


Episode 21 - The Dangerous Shadows

Nylon attempts to use some monsters for his own evil schemes against Princess Knight.


Episode 22 - The Phantom Kite

A dangerous thief has made his way to Silverland. His name is Jilba, and he specializes in stealing crowns.


Episode 23 - The Egyptian Adventure

Princess Knight helps an Egyptian girl escape from Malpho the Mighty, who wants to sacrifice her.


Episode 24 - The Poison Dart

Nylon challenges the Princess to defeat the moose, and then uses a special poisonous dart to make the moose go berserk.


Episode 25 - The Phantom Knight Part 1

The King has disappeared! With their ruler lost and presumed dead, "Prince" Knight is next up for the throne.


Episode 26 - The Phantom Knight Part 2

Princess Knight and the Queen have been imprisoned in lonely Coffin Tower.


Episode 27 - The Phantom Knight Part 3

Duke Duralumon sends five assassins after the royal family and the Phantom Knight in an attempt to do away with them.


Episode 28 - The Phantom Knight Part 4

Gamar tells Princess Knight about a rumor that a ghost has been haunting the battlements of Silverland Castle.


Episode 29 - The Stolen Beauty

When the Queen becomes ill, Princess Knight makes a deal with Venus.


Episode 30 - The Black Knight

A strange boy named Geenar lands in Silverland. In order to achieve knighthood, he must fight “Prince” Knight in a duel.


Episode 31 - Queen Icicle Part 1

Duke Duralumon schemes with Queen Icicle of Cool Land to lure Princess Knight away from the King and Queen.


Episode 32 - Queen Icicle Part 2

Princess Knight’s search for her parents leads her to her Zenda. Zenda tells her that her parents have been turned into stone!


Episode 33 - Queen Icicle Part 3

Princess Knight is furious at the way Queen Icicle’s soldiers treat people.


Episode 34 - Queen Icicle Part 4

Princess Knight and Zenda confront Satan on Snake Island. Meanwhile, Choppy finally manages to find the Princess.


Episode 35 - The Hunt

Duke Duralumon and Baron Nylon’s plotting delivers Prince Frank into the hands of a Witch from the X-Union.


Episode 36 - Princess Peppi

Love is in the air, and Princess Teppi of Charcoal Land has fallen for Prince Frank. Unfortunately, Prince Frank loves only Princess Knight.


Episode 37 - The Snow Eagle

The X-Union plans to invade Silverland! Prince Frank joins Princess Knight to fight against them.


Episode 38 - The Ghost Ship

When Captain Blood is accused of attacking Silverland’s fleet, Princess Knight suspects it may be Duke Duralumon’s doing.


Episode 39 - The Butterfly Witch

When Goldland’s capital is set ablaze by a swarm of fire butterflies, the Phantom Knight is blamed.


Episode 40 - The Daughter of Satan

Hoping to help his daughter become a powerful witch, Satan kidnaps Princess Knight in an attempt to steal her brave soul.


Episode 41 - The Contest of Strength

It’s the annual tournament to determine the strongest knight!


Episode 42 - The Broken Idols

When Choppy accidently breaks a sacred idol, Duke Duralumon demands his head!


Episode 43 - The Magic Spell Part 1

Satan's wife Hellion returns home to discover that he hasn't managed to secure a brave soul. Enraged, she decides to do it herself.


Episode 44 - The Magic Spell Part 2

Zenda and Prince Frank attempt to rescue Princess Knight from the evil clutches of Zenda’s parents.


Episode 45 - Famine In Silverland

In a year of bounty, Duke Duralumon forms an alliance with the sneaky Rat Man to create an artificial famine.


Episode 46 - Spider Island

Duke Duralumon builds a wondrous ship. When Princess Knight and Choppy board the ship, it immediately heads off to Spider Island.


Episode 47 - The Battle of Vengeance

The X-Union invades Goldland, and Prince Frank is injured in the fight.


Episode 48 - The Invasion of Silverland Part 1

Duke Duralumon, Baron Nylon and the X-Union conspire together for the invasion of Silverland.


Episode 49 - The Invasion of Silverland Part 2

Mr. X decides to invade Silverland, but there’s one thing standing in his way – Satan’s mountain home.


Episode 50 - The Fortune Teller

A fortune teller predicts doom for Silverland in the form of a huge black giant that can control a thick black fog.


Episode 51 - The Princess Knight & Phantom Knight Part 1

Princess Knight discovers to her horror that Duke Duralumon has handed Silverland over to the X-Union!


Episode 52 - The Princess Knight & Phantom Knight Part 2

Choppy tries to help Princess Knight, and rallies the people against the X-Union for one final battle!



Season 1

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