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Episode 1 - A Family Thing

Addison discovers Naomi is keeping the practice's financial woes a secret; Cooper decides whether or not to tell a medical secret to a patient.


Episode 2 - Equal and Opposite

Naomi refuses to talk about anything personal with Addison or Sam since Sam has taken over the practice; Sam institutes a board to keep track of everyone's patients.


Episode 3 - Nothing to Talk About

Addison seeks solace from the practice by doing multiple surgeries at the hospital as Charlotte entices her with a job offer; Sam's promotion irritates Naomi, since he keeps asking for her advice; Naomi convinces Dell to return to the practice and he does, but with a list of demands.


Episode 4 - Past Tense

Sam and Naomi compete in an election to see who runs the practice; Pete's old flame, Meg, shows up and shines some light on Pete's past; Cooper treats a young boy but the child's mother freaks out when she recognizes Cooper from a sex website; Addison treats an Afghan girl who wants to be re-virginized.


Episode 5 - Let It Go

Addison puts the practice in jeopardy while trying to fix its financial woes; Sam and Naomi tell Maya they are back together even though they are not; Violet is asked to destroy the medical records of an old friend running for office.


Episode 6 - Serving Two Masters

Addison treats two pregnant women who unknowingly are married to the same man; Violet discovers the downstairs practice is being set up by Charlotte and she promises not to tell Cooper - so Charlotte can; Sam and Naomi treat an elderly couple - the husband has heart failure and the wife has Alzheimer's and he refuses to put his wife in a home.


Episode 7 - Tempting Faith

Addison and Naomi treat a religious couple who need surgery for their unborn triplets, but the couple wants to leave the outcome to God; Charlotte has yet to tell Cooper about the downstairs practice, much to Violet's chagrin; Addison's brother, Parker, comes to town and stirs things up.


Episode 8 - Crime and Punishment

Violet and Sam have differing views on a patient who says he shot his wife because it was her dying wish to free her from her pain; Charlotte and Addison try to deliver the baby of a comatose patient; Meg's use of the exam rooms to perform abortions cause some people in the practice to object.


Episode 9 - Know When to Fold

Addison has an ovarian cancer patient that doesn't want surgery because she wants to have her own child; Charlotte opens up her own practice leading to a battle for patients; Pete and Sam work on a cyclist's sore knee but ignore his potentially fatal heart condition; Dell convinces the practice to try an adoption matching service.


Episode 10 - Worlds Apart

Meg returns and finds out Pete and Violet have become very close; Addison treats a college girl who partakes in high-end prostitution to pay for school; Cooper's newest patient is a 12-year-old boy with severe diabetes who is on the run with his father; Sam and Addison take issue with Naomi taking on a cancer patient of Dr. Wyatt's.


Episode 11 - Contamination

Cooper's patient comes in with the measles, which quarantines the practice; Dell fights for sole custody of his daughter, Betsy; Violet and Pete consider taking their relationship to the next level.


Episode 12 - Homeward Bound

Cooper and Pete share a father-daughter case in which both patients have Cystic Fibrosis; Addison and Wyatt make a connection when they work on a procedure that is highly experimental but may save a girl's life; Violet tries to juggle her relationship with both Pete and Sheldon.


Episode 13 - Nothing to Fear

Addison has to perform surgery on a baby who is set to be given up for adoption; Sam and Pete argue over an older patient who asks them to help him die; Violet gets some life-changing news; Charlotte proposes to Cooper.


Episode 14 - Second Chances

Addison's brother, Archer, moves to L.A. and starts working at the practice; Naomi has a patient who wants to put her dead daughter's frozen embryo into herself but Naomi learns the deceased daughter hated her mother; Cooper pledges to help Violet through her pregnancy and moves in with her.


Episode 15 - Acceptance

Naomi and Addison search for the cause and cure after Archer seizes twice and find the only person who can help him is Derek Shepherd; Violet finally admits to Pete and Sheldon she is pregnant, but doesn't know who the father is; Cooper has a young child dropped off at the office a night before she has major surgery.


Episode 16 - Ex-Life

Derek is concerned about his pregnant patient, so he pulls Addison into the case; Sam has an asthma attack which Bailey and Naomi try and get to the bottom of; Violet helps Cooper with a patient that has post-partum psychosis.


Episode 17 - Wait and See

Archer sleeps with Charlotte and rather than facing Naomi, he flies to New York and leaves Addison to pick up the pieces; Naomi and Addison have a newborn patient that is born a hermaphrodite and the parents can't decide what course of action to take; Violet leads a couples' therapy group with Sheldon that illuminates their issues.


Episode 18 - Finishing

Cooper treats a young girl who refuses surgery and would rather live out what time she has left outside a hospital; Addison gets into an intense flirtation with a doctor at the hospital; Naomi tries to help fix Sam's mistake by recommending romantic things he can do with Sonya; Pete and Sheldon try to get Violet to find out who the father is.


Episode 19 - What Women Want

Cooper treats a young girl who refuses surgery and would rather live out what time she has left outside a hospital; Addison gets into an intense flirtation with a doctor at the hospital; Naomi tries to help fix Sam's mistake by recommending romantic things he can do with Sonya; Pete and Sheldon try to get Violet to find out who the father is.


Episode 20 - Do the Right Thing

Addison rushes Noah's wife to the hospital for an emergency procedure, putting Addison and Noah in more awkward positions; Sam must testify as an expert witness in a malpractice trial for a friend; Cooper wants to report a patient's mother because she condones her 12-year-old daughter having sex; Violet is jealous when Pete is interested in a young patient's mom.


Episode 21 - What You Do for Love

Sam reconsiders his friendship with Naomi and Addison when they help try to save a pregnant woman with heart problems; Pete's relationship with Lisa gets complicated with Violet's pregnancy.


Episode 22 - Yours, Mine and Ours

Naomi tries to decide whether to stay at Oceanside Wellness; Violet tries to choose between Pete and Sheldon; Morgan goes into labor as Addison deals with her feelings for Noah; Dell worries about his daughter when Heather comes back to town.


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