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Episode 1 - God Laughs

Cooper, Sam, Amelia and Charlotte try to save Pete's life after his heart attack; Addison's desire to have a child leads to a surprising encounter; Sheldon hopes to help Amelia with her alcohol addiction.


Episode 2 - Breaking the Rules

While interviewing potential replacements for Naomi, the doctors at Oceanside Wellness don't understand Addison's resistance to hiring Jake Reilly; Cooper disregards the law as he tries to help a young, sick patient.


Episode 3 - Deal With It

A woman without a uterus asks Jake and Addison to help her have a baby; Amelia treats a woman with Parkinson's disease who is habitually unfaithful.


Episode 4 - Remember Me

A woman from Cooper's past visits the practice; a pregnant woman experiences severe memory loss after a car accident; Violet and Sheldon argue.


Episode 5 - Step One

Addison begins treatments for in-vitro fertilization; a sick friend asks Amelia to help her commit suicide; Sam and Violet face a patient who refuses to take his medication.


Episode 6 - If I Hadn't Forgotten...

Charlotte faces painful memories of a horrible tragedy; Amelia continues to spin out of control; Addison takes a step closer to motherhood.


Episode 7 - Don't Stop Till You Get Enough

Amelia's drug addiction accelerates as she begins writing herself prescriptions and skipping work; Jake and Addison face an impossible choice; Violet returns to work; Erica is irritated when Charlotte and Cooper bond with Mason.


Episode 8 - Who We Are

The doctors stage an intervention for Amelia after she returns from a 12-day drug binge with her boyfriend.


Episode 9 - The Breaking Point

Amelia bonds with an 18-year-old woman as they endure painful drug detox in rehab; a patient in need tests Cooper's bond with his son; Addison collapses after rigorous fertility treatments.


Episode 10 - Are You My Mother?

Cooper must decide whether or not to punish Mason after he is caught stealing; Pete and Violet struggle to split time with Lucas; Addison prepares for a new baby.


Episode 11 - The Standing Eight Count

Pete, Violet, Sam and Addison adjust to their new lives; Addison second-guesses her desire for a baby; Violet thinks about dating a paramedic.


Episode 12 - Losing Battles

Cooper, Charlotte and Amelia counsel Erica on a tough decision; Addison and Jake meet with potential surrogates.


Episode 13 - The Time Has Come

Cooper and Charlotte are forced to deal with their future when Erica and Mason get in an accident; Addison and Jake go to a medical conference.


Episode 14 - Too Much

Sam finds his estranged sister in jail, heavily medicated and in a nearly catatonic state; Erica begins secret cancer treatments.


Episode 15 - You Break My Heart

Charlotte and Cooper bring Erica to Seattle Grace to speak with Amelia, Derek and Lexie about a risky surgery; Scott wants to take his relationship with Violet to the next level.


Episode 16 - Andromeda

Sam struggles to take care of his sister; Sheldon finds out that Amelia has life-altering news; Addison and Jake continue to flirt.


Episode 17 - The Letting Go

Sam struggles to take care of his sister; Sheldon finds out that Amelia has life-altering news; Addison and Jake continue to flirt.


Episode 18 - It Was Inevitable

Charlotte and Cooper try to help Mason come to terms with Erica's rapidly deteriorating condition; Pete and Violet discover they still have feelings for each other; Addison tries to help Amelia embrace motherhood.


Episode 19 - And Then There Was One

Pete and Violet go to a marriage counselor; Amelia gets some devistating news; Mason refuses to speak to Charlotte and Cooper.


Episode 20 - True Colors

An illegal immigrant facing deportation tries to induce her pregnancy by herself so her child will be a U.S. citizen; Violet and Cooper work with a child who has gender identity disorder; Violet wants to keep going to therapy with Pete.


Episode 21 - Drifting Back

When a patient's father and partner can't agree on his health care, Pete makes a decision; Jake suspects Amelia is being tempted to substance abuse; Addison and Sam have difficulty defining their relationship.


Episode 22 - Gone, Baby, Gone

The Seaside doctors go to Amelia's side as she begins labor; Pete and Violet realize how they feel about each other; Addison must make a decision.


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