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Episode 1 - Episode One

Teenagers Debbie and Sue are having the time of their lives, hanging out on Cronulla Beach and fantasising about getting into the Greenhills gang, the bronzed surfers and their chicks who rule the beach. But Debbie and Sue are blissfully unaware of the sexual and social mores of the group they long to join, and just as unaware of the tangled sexual and emotional lives their parents lead.


Episode 2 - Episode Two

Debbie and Sue go to great lengths to get the attention of the Greenhills gang, including getting caught cheating at school. But when Debbie catches the eye of Bruce Board, ace surfer and super spunk, she's in. While she revels in her new found status on the beach, Sue is mortified to come home and discover her parents playing Strip Jack Naked. And while Debbie is getting a lot of notice at school, her father Martin has noticed the attractive newcomer at work.


Episode 3 - Episode Three

Cheryl sets out the rigid Greenhills rules for Debbie and Sue: root their boyfriends too soon and they're molls, wait too long and they'll get dropped. But she doesn't waste much time before she breaks those rules herself, getting drunk on Brandivino. And while Debbie has difficulty losing her virginity, Sue - who now has a surfie spunk of her own - has no such trouble, although the experience is less than stellar.


Episode 4 - Episode Four

An impromptu party at Cheryl's house leads to disaster for Debbie, when Bruce suddenly drops her. But she's not the only one: ace surfer Gary gets dropped too. Meanwhile, Gary's dad Ferris is wining and dining his young lover and inviting friend Roger to join him. But it's Debbie's mum Judy who smells a rat... or in this case, something fishy about a missing lobster that her husband Martin fails to bring home.


Episode 5 - Episode Five

After a fight with her mum, Cheryl decamps to Debbie's house for a while and proves an unwelcome guest to everyone, except David. He's falling in love. Gary and Debbie are growing closer, too, but his father Ferris is distraught when his affair folds. Debbie is unaware of the growing strain in her parents' relationship, but Gary is acutely aware of his. Meanwhile, the girls are getting bored waiting on the beach, watching the boys surf.


Episode 6 - Episode Six

While Gary's mum Yvonne tries to win her grieving husband back, Judy and Martin are at marriage guidance counselling trying to sort out their problems. Things aren't going smoothly for Sue either, who is worried Danny might drop her after she decides to become a 'bra burner'. Debbie is thrilled when she finally manages to lose her virginity, and Sue is thrilled when instead of dropping her, Danny gives her the longed for friendship ring.


Episode 7 - Episode Seven

The Greenhills gang gather to bid farewell to one of the gang in a moving ocean ceremony, all except the girls, who aren't allowed on the beach. But they are allowed at the wake, where Gary watches his surfing hero shoot up. Meanwhile, Sue's dad Roger is very tempted by a lucrative job offer in the city, but her mother Pam is not so sure they should leave their beloved Cronulla behind.


Episode 8 - Episode Eight

Debbie and Sue's disenchantment with the gang snowballs when the boys gang up on Frieda the moll. Their defiance looks set to see them relegated back to the front of the school bus. And while Debbie's parents - Judy and Martin - finally manage to overcome their differences, the girls reject the gang's brutal rules and fulfil their dream of surfing the waves themselves.



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