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Episode 1 - Shaken, Not Scared

Boo Boo’s future at the mansion is on the line when Mr. White and Mr. White, fed up with Boo Boo’s practical jokes, attempt to cure him of his pranking with a stint at the “prank tank” rehab facility.


Episode 2 - Once in a Blue Luna

Once in a blue moon the dreaded Luna Monster appears and tonight is the night. A brave Ruby convinces her friends to camp out in the backyard in order to catch a glimpse of the legendary creature.


Episode 3 - Time Flies

Thanks to a timely idea from Ruby, Skull Boy invents the amazing eon-hopping ‘Time Vaulter’ and travels back to the past, hoping to meet his ancestors.


Episode 4 - Lucky Me

Skull Boy, Misery, Iris and Poe make the finals of the Gloomsville Town Challenge on the strength of Skull Boy’s super intelligence.


Episode 5 - Misery Loves Company

It’s the 7th anniversary of the Day Misery Was Rescued from an Ice Floe and Ruby wants to make it extra special.


Episode 6 - Sunny Daze

When Misery is off to visit a relative, the clouds, rain and entire storm system seems to go with her. The unthinkable happens…it’s SUNNY!


Episode 7 - Broken Records

Poe has taken up a volunteer position with the Gloomsville Office of Records and is having a heck of a time finding new record breakers.


Episode 8 - Gloommates

After Iris and Squig mistakenly crash into Skull Boy’s Tower, Skull Boy moves in with Poe until the Tower can be fixed.


Episode 9 - Tooth or Dare

Scaredy Bat is terrified at the prospect of losing his wisdom tooth for fear of losing all his wisdom. He’s even more terrified of a scary tooth fairy coming in the night to snatch his tooth.


Episode 10 - Venus de Gloomsville

Venus is pulling out her roots! The screenplay writing contest deadline is in two days and she hasn’t written a word. She just can’t seem to find her writer’s voice.


Episode 11 - Seeing Eye to Eyes

When Ruby suggests that fearless, thrill-seeking Iris joins forces with fun-loving Mr. Mumbles to build the ultimate amusement park, they look like the ideal ride-making match.


Episode 12 - Name That Toon

Filmmaker Skull Boy sets out to bring his latest script, “The Adventures Of Skull Kid” to the big screen.


Episode 13 - Skull in the Family

Skull Boy puts an ad in the Gloomsville Gazette inviting anyone with information on his family members to contact him.



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