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Episode 1 - Writing On the Wall

The ho-hum of laundry day quickly changes when a secret wall with ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics is discovered behind the washing machine.


Episode 1 - Grounded in Gloomsville

The gang is shocked to discover that Scaredy Bat has never actually flown due to nerves and a “woozy” reaction to heights.


Episode 2 - Déjà vu Again

At long last Ruby has her dream job…hosting the Gloomsville World’s Fair with such exhibits as Misery’s family heirloom sale and Iris’ death defying flying worm stunt.


Episode 2 - Gloomer Rumor

Ruby plans a surprise party for everyone but due to a series of mishaps and broken telephone, everyone gets the wrong impression that Ruby’s moving out.


Episode 3 - Ubergloom

Gunther and Uta are spending their vacation at Ruby’s house. Ruby and the gang try their best to show the twins a good time.


Episode 3 - Doom With a View

When Doom’s odd behavior includes pointing to things that aren’t there, Ruby starts to worry she’s having a nervous breakdown.


Episode 4 - Missing Buns

During a raucous game of Hide n’ Seek, Mr. Buns goes missing. Acting the part of a 1940’s film noire detective, Skull Boy interrogates the suspects, walking everyone through reenactments of the fateful moments before Mr. Buns’ disappearance.


Episode 4 - Pet Poepulation

Skull-Boy, as the great showman PT Cranium, decides to hold a Pet Talent Show.


Episode 5 - Hair(Less) the Musical, Pt. 1

In an episode told only through music and singing, Skull Boy decides he needs to find out who is once and for all.


Episode 5 - Iris Springs Eternal

Iris’ latest adventure craze –coiled spring jumping – proves that enough is never enough for Iris. As she crashes through floor after floor she causes chaos and mayhem, perfect for Misery but not so great for Skull Boy who had just finished putting together a working model of the cosmos using only potato chips and dip.


Episode 6 - Science Fair or Foul

The whole house is a hive of activity as everyone prepares for the upcoming science fair. Skull Boy is distraught because he can’t seem to come up with an idea for a project.


Episode 6 - Hair(Less) the Musical, Pt. 2

Skull Boy skulks around the empty house, lost – until he meets up with Mr. White and Mr. White who tell him all about the importance of “The Family”.


Episode 7 - The Beat Goes On

When Scaredy Bat quits as Frank and Len’s drummer, Ruby sets out to woo him back behind the skins.


Episode 7 - Poe-Ranoia

When Poe injures his wing, he is soon driving everyone crazy with his incessant demands. Ruby relegates Poe to the highest turret in the house to rest and recuperate.


Episode 8 - Unsung Hero

Ruby acts as Frank and Len’s manager and suggests they get a girl singer for their upcoming appearance at Gloomapalooza. The auditions are fruitless, until they hear a beautiful pop-sounding voice from somewhere in the house.


Episode 8 - Out of This World

While working on an experiment Skull Boy mistakenly blasts the house into space. With the space air turning everybody a little nutty Skull Boy must find a way to get the house back down before even he goes crazy.


Episode 9 - Forget-Me-Not

The gang is gathered around for the latest installment of their favourite radio soap opera, As the Stomach Turns when Skull Boy is hit on the head by falling debris and knocked unconscious.


Episode 9 - Quadra-gloomia

Frank and Len are writing a rock opera for everyone in the house to star in at the Gloomsville Music Hall.


Episode 10 - Frank and Len: Unplugged

In this ‘rockumentary’ we get a behind the scenes, and in front of the lens, look at the popular band ‘RIP’.


Episode 10 - Skull Boys Don’t Cry

It’s Club Day in Gloomsville. The gang splinter off to form clubs and prepare for the club’s appearance in the big Gloomsville parade.


Episode 11 - I’ll Be Home For Misery

Misery hosts a family reunion and invites all her relatives through the ages.


Episode 11 - Bad Hare Day

When a cute little bunny lands on Ruby’s doorstep, everybody is charmed by its sweet nature.


Episode 12 - Happy Yam Ween

The annual holiday of Yam Ween is upon the gang. When names are drawn from a skull to pick a person for the gift exchange, Poe’s name accidentally goes missing.


Episode 12 - Disaster Becomes You

It’s Friday the 13th in Gloomsville. Not only that but it is Friday the 13th with a full moon during the day.


Episode 13 - Ruby Cubed

When Skull Boy thinks he’s a descendent of Shakespeare, he spouts his own love sonnets making Iris and Misery instantly crush on him.


Episode 13 - Last Train to Gloomsville, Pt. 1

Its time to pick up Doom from the Kitty spa. What better excuse to take a ‘family vacation’?


Episode 14 - Last Train to Gloomsville, Pt. 2

The train is still running away – Iris is now riding atop the train in daredevil style and Misery’s cough continues despite the bag over her head.



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