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Episode 1 - The Man Worth 800,000

Japan has become a wasteland devastated by the Rusty Wind which causes all things to rust away. A priest visits a checkpoint all alone, yet he carries a suspicious looking bow. Meanwhile, a doctor named Milo is secretly researching a cure for the Rust.


Episode 2 - King Trumpets

The wanted criminal, Akaboshi Bisco, appears in the town of Imihama causing havoc. Bisco is searching for a doctor who can synthesize medicine to save his mentor, Jabi, who has become gravely ill.


Episode 3 - Tag-team

Bisco and Jabi continue their journey through Touhoku in search of Sabikui, the Rust-Eater, a mushroom said to cleanse away any rust. Meanwhile, the governor of Imihama, Kurokawa, burns with an unusual obsession with killing Bisco.


Episode 4 - Ride the Crab

Bisco and the others brave the dangerous Ashio Bone Coal Mines in order to reach Akita, where the Rust Eater is said to be. Along the way they reunite with the giant crab, Actagawa. Riding Actagawa is difficult, and Milo struggles with his riding lessons.


Episode 5 - Children's Fortress

On their way to Akita, Bisco and Milo pass by the sea of Calbero and arrive at a desolate town under threat from the deadly creatures, Flying Blowfish. Meanwhile, Pawoo encounters a mysterious couple living in some ruins as she pursues the others.


Episode 6 - Companions and Prey

Bisco and Milo continue North to obtain the Rust-Eater and once again encounter Tirol as she's about to freeze to death in snowy Shimobuki Prefecture. Tirol leads the way guiding them to discover trains in Kitsunezaka Station on the Shirakaba Line subway.


Episode 7 - Stolen Rust-Eater

After passing through the tunnel, the two arrive at the Ravine of Children's Tears and encounter a Pipe Snake, a two-headed serpent the size of a dragon. The timing couldn't be worse when Pawoo catches up to them and gets caught in the fierce battle.


Episode 8 - Fiendish Trap

Kurokawa has stolen the Rust-Eater and captured both Pawoo and Jabi. In order to save them, Milo storms into the garrison alone, but he's unable to do anything against Kurokawa's overwhelming might.


Episode 9 - I Love You

Bisco and Milo are gravely injured by Kurokawa's trap. Jabi is captured once again. Kurokawa speaks of his ambition to Jabi, showing him a piece of his terrifying plan. Just as he thought no one would be able to stop Kurokawa, a certain someone appears.


Episode 10 - Tetsujin Revived

Bisco sacrifices himself to stop Kurokawa. The reactor is out of control, and the others only barely escape the collasping dome in time, but they're granted no time to mourn the loss of Bisco before the next ordeal assails them.


Episode 11 - I'm Bisco!

The revived Tetsujin destroys city after city as it advances. At this rate, Japan will once again be enveloped in Rust. Yet after inheriting the spirit of Bisco, Milo bravely stands against Testujin, acting as if he were Bisco himself.


Episode 12 - Bow and Arrow Duo

Tetsujin is heading for Imihama, repeatedly attacking Milo in a fierce assault. Yet just as he's about to be killed, Bisco revives from within Tetsujin. Together Bisco and Milo join forces in the final battle against Tetsujin!



Season 1

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