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Season 2 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - The Call of the Yeti

During a break at Kodiak Jack’s reclusive log cabin, Kodiak tells Howard of the mythical Yeti that lives in the forest. His desire for fame and fortune gets the better of him and Howard trades Vince for directions to the Yeti’s lair. However, things don’t go according to plan when the Yeti’s kidnap Howard and Vince is propositioned by a maniac trapper.


Episode 2 - The Priest and the Beast

Vince and Howard are struggling to find the new sound needed to secure them a record deal with Pie Face Records. They enlist the help of Naboo who tells them the tail of musical gurus Rudy Van Disarzio and Spider Dijon who only found their new sound after saving a town full of women from the evil Betamax bandit.


Episode 3 - Nanageddon

In an attempt to impress two goth girls, the boys stage a séance in their front room. Trouble ensues when they summon the most evil demon known to man, an old lady called ‘Nanatoo’, who does a runner with their flat-mate, the Shaman Naboo’s, most magic book. Naboo is livid and gets immediately drunk leaving it up to Howard and Vince to find the demon, retrieve the book and prevent Nanageddon.


Episode 4 - Fountain of Youth

When another bad gig is put down to Howard being old and past it, the boys use Naboo’s magical amulet to transport themselves to the Fountain of Youth, where they hope to turn back the clock. However, to get there they must first go through the Desert of Nightmares where they encounter an evil cockney Sultan, a rebel army and ‘Sandstorm’, a beast made of sand that is incapable of love.


Episode 5 - The Legend of Old Gregg

Following a poorly received gig, the boys decide to skip town for a bit. They take in a spot of fishing on Black Lake where angry at Vince’s fishing success, Howard sends him back to the local pub. Whilst Vince swaps tales with the locals at The King Prawn’s Head, Howard is abducted by ‘Old Gregg’, the eerie merman who haunts the Lake’s waters.


Episode 6 - The Nightmare of Milky Joe

Whilst marooned on a desert island, Howard sees an opportunity to nurture his poetry whilst Vince takes to making bamboo fashion lines. However, with no-one to talk to but each other and nothing to eat but rancid coconuts, they soon find themselves in the midst of a coco-nightmare.


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