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You Can't Ask That Season 4 Episodes

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Season 4 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Series 4 Domestic and Family Violence

Eight survivors of domestic and family violence share empowering reflections of their experiences living in violent, abusive and controlling relationships.


Episode 2 - Series 4 African Australians

A diverse mix of African Australians are asked outrageous questions about racism, poverty, gangs, and hair. Their answers are anything but black and white.


Episode 3 - Series 4 Intersex

A subject that is still widely misunderstood, secretive and rarely spoken about in detail, eight individuals reveal the complexities of being born with an intersex variation.


Episode 4 - Series 4 Carnies and Show People

Travelling show people, or carnies as they are colloquially known, have a reputation that precedes them. What is life on the road really like for these Aussie nomads?


Episode 5 - Series 4 Ex-Politicians

What is it actually like to put your hand up, be elected and serve the nation in the House of Representatives or the Senate? Eight former politicians go off-script and share their candid opinions.


Episode 6 - Series 4 Alcoholics

What happens when drinking habits become problematic? Eight former alcoholics open the lid and share their sobering truths.


Episode 7 - Series 4 Deaf

What does being deaf feel like? What do deaf people wish they could hear? Through sign and speech, eight profoundly deaf Australians give a unique insight into their lives. This episode is open captioned.


Episode 8 - Series 4 Disaster Survivors

Eight survivors from eight different disasters go back to the moment of impact, recalling exactly what happened, how they survived and ultimately where their lives are now.


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