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Season 6 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Series 6 Cheaters

70 percent of Australian marriages will experience an affair, according to Sexual Health Australia - but not all will be found out. This group bravely take a seat to face some harsh questions sent in from the public.


Episode 2 - Series 6 Ex-Football Players

Ex-Footballers Willie Mason, Ian Roberts, Dean Widders and Dan Jackson join Todd Carney, Brock McLean and Jude Bolton to shed the media-trained responses and get real about the game they love - with all its complexities.


Episode 3 - Series 6 Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

According to SANE Australia, roughly 1 in 50 Australians have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. People with OCD want others to know it's so much more than washing hands or keeping a clean desk.


Episode 4 - Series 6 Amputees

These eight amputees all have remarkable stories to share about perception and embracing a new version of themselves - the challenges they've faced and what they've gained through their limb loss.


Episode 5 - Series 6 Families of Missing Persons

There are over 2600 Australians listed as long-term missing persons, according to the National Missing Persons Coordination Network. Is it better for someone you love to be missing or dead? Their answers might surprise you.


Episode 6 - Series 6 Lesbians

We meet nine empowered women who talk about what it's like to be a lesbian, the fascination and fetishisation of what they do in the bedroom, and what life is like when your world isn't centred around men.


Episode 7 - Series 6 Chinese Australians

Despite over 200 years of migration history, many Chinese-Australians continue to feel othered, still having to prove that they belong. We meet 8 Chinese-Australians, all with very different stories.


Episode 8 - Series 6 Adult Virgins

Opportunity, rural life, religion, asexuality - there are many reasons for people to be virgins into adult life. These Australians explore social milestones, pressures, hopes, dreams and the need for intimacy.


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