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Episode 1 - Series 7 Bogans

With a discourse that spans from mullets and tracky-dacks to the difference between patriotism and racism, this episode on Bogans strikes at the heart of old fashioned Australiana.


Episode 2 - Series 7 Postnatal Depression

An emotional You Can't Ask That episode on Postnatal Depression, where eight parents explore the shame, public and family pressure, plus the personal guilt that surrounds this often misunderstood and taboo topic.


Episode 3 - Series 7 Gay Men

In this episode, gay men re-examine the definition of masculinity, explore the ins-and-outs of sex between men, and talk about what it's like to find your place in a predominately straight world.


Episode 4 - Series 7 Models

From the pitfalls of 'pretty privilege', to teenage exploitation, unrealistic beauty standards, and mental health issues, eight models share the unvarnished truth about one of the most desired & least understood professions.


Episode 5 - Series 7 Prescription Drug Addiction

'Is your prescription pill addiction a dirty little secret?' is one of the questions the interviewees answer when they talk openly about addiction, doctor shopping, rehab and who is to blame for prescription drug dependency.


Episode 6 - Series 7 Porn Stars

Game for anything, our Aussie Porn Stars answer some very eye-opening questions in this episode of You Can't Ask That, as they take us on the journey of what it's like to be involved in porn, and the ethics of the industry.


Episode 7 - Series 7 Dementia

This episode features people living with dementia. Their all too common, though no less exceptional, stories take us through some complex philosophical terrain. There will be laughs, tears and some mind-altering insights.


Episode 8 - Series 7 Juvenile Detention

This episode looks at Juvenile Detention and questions how we deal with some of the most damaged kids in society. What happens when a child is told they are bad, and can there be rehabilitation in detention?


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