90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days Season 2 Episodes

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Season 2 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - And So It Begins

Mom Rachel prepares to travel to England with a baby, and grandmother Angela gets ready to meet her Nigerian prince. Then, Ricky starts to doubt his trip to Colombia, Darcey welcomes Jesse to America, and Paul heads to Brazil.


Episode 2 - Face to Face

Rachel's arrival in England doesn't go as planned, Angela pauses her Nigeria trip, and Tarik ignores his brother's warnings. Then, Paul and Karine reunite, Ricky's texts go unanswered, and tension flares between Jesse and Darcey.


Episode 3 - Blindsided

Ricky's patience wears thin as he waits for Melissa, Jon adjusts to his new role as a dad, and Michael welcomes Angela to Nigeria. Then, Karine takes Paul's test, Tarik arrives in Manila, and Jesse meets Darcey's daughters.


Episode 4 - Family Ties

Angela meets Michael's mom, tension follows Darcey and Jesse to Connecticut, and Rachel meets Jon's skeptical sister. Then, Paul and Karine argue, Tarik has a religious experience with Hazel's folks, and Ricky faces rejection.


Episode 5 - Seeds of Doubt

Paul and Karine experience premarital problems, Jon's sketchy past worries Rachel, and Ricky weighs his options. Then, Hazel's motives are questioned, Angela gets annoyed with Michael, and tensions rise with Darcey and Jesse.


Episode 6 - Trust a Try

Darcey and Jesse reach a breaking point, Angela makes an unpleasant discovery, and Jon defends his criminal past. Then, Ricky has some questions for Ximena, Paul waits for Karine at the altar, and Tarik tries to make amends.


Episode 7 - Truth or Lie

Jesse's trip to the US comes to an end, Karine and Paul continue to bicker, and single mom Marta plans a trip to Algeria. Then, Rachel learns about Jon's dating history, Angela is frustrated with Michael, and Ricky reveals all.


Episode 8 - Expecting the Unexpected

Ricky's news stuns Ximena, Hazel lets her guard down, and Michael pleads with Angela. Then, Rachel and Jon get tough news, Jesse plans another trip, and Marta runs into immigration issues. Also, Paul and Karine deal with a shock.


Episode 9 - The Things We Do for Love

Rachel confronts Jon, Darcey gets emotional, and Marta wonders if Daya will fulfill his promise. Then, Paul and Karine face an unexpected event, Angela struggles to make a decision, and Ricky considers taking the plunge.


Episode 10 - Goodbye for Now

Jon and Rachel pick their wedding rings, Darcey and Jesse fight, and Paul comforts Karine. Then, Marta makes a tough decision, Tarik prepares to leave, and Ximena gets a surprising message. Also, Angela makes a shocking discovery.


Episode 11 - Tell All

The couples reunite for an emotional and riveting Tell All special. Now that everyone is back to long distance, they face new pressures, tension and challenges. Host Shaun Robinson gets to the bottom of where they stand now.


Episode 101 - 90 Day LIVE

90 Day Fiance is going live! Host Michelle Collins dishes with familiar guests, takes social media questions and shares never-before-seen footage.


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