90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days Season 3 Episodes

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Season 3 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Crazy in Love

Caesar plans to see his dream woman, Tim is stuck in a love triangle, and Rebecca keeps a secret from her Tunisian boyfriend. Then, Avery prepares to meet a man who lives in a war zone, and Darcey is back for another shot at love!


Episode 2 - Pack Your Bags

Avery hits a major roadblock, Angela asks her daughter for a life-changing favor, and Caesar must convince Maria to go to Mexico. Then, Darcey receives an interesting call, and Rebecca may not have been truthful with Zied.


Episode 3 - Little Lies

Angela has more issues with Michael, and Darcey gets ready to meet her new British man. Then, Ben worries his love interest isn't ready to be a stepmom, Avery finally meets her Syrian fiance, and Rebecca digs into Zied's past.


Episode 4 - Love Is a Battlefield

Tim and Jeniffer clash in Colombia, Caesar heads to Mexico to meet Maria, and Darcey gets emotional in London. Then, Rebecca sees a different side to Zied in Tunisia, and Avery's mom causes friction at dinner.


Episode 5 - The Rest Is Still Unwritten

Darcey confronts Tom about an issue, and Ben must impress Akinyi's overprotective brother. Then, Rebecca has concerns about Zied's temper, Avery and Omar discuss life in Syria, and Caesar's plans to propose are up in the air.


Episode 6 - I've Got a Secret

Rebecca must impress Zied's parents, Jeniffer learns a secret about Tim's past, and Ben meets Akinyi's family. Then, Darcey meets one of Tom's exes, Angela and Michael get caught in a brawl, and Caesar receives a shocking update.


Episode 7 - Under Pressure

Caesar suffers a devastating blow, Zied's sister gives Rebecca a hard time, and Avery faces pressure before the wedding. Then, Tom is alarmed by Darcey's twin dynamic, Tim tries to fix things with Jeniffer, and Ben upsets Akinyi.


Episode 8 - True Colors

Rebecca learns the results of Zied's background check, Avery has devastating news for her mom, and Benjamin meets Akinyi's father. Then, Angela and Michael try to make amends, and Darcey and Tom's relationship takes a turn.


Episode 9 - Out of the Blue

Avery's mom deals with bad news, Benjamin sees a new side of Akinyi, and Rebecca is alarmed by a request from Zied. Then, Darcey becomes emotional during a night out, and Angela and Michael look into fertility options in Nigeria.


Episode 10 - Treat Me Right

Benjamin worries about the bride price ceremony, and Angela confronts Michael's friends. Then, Jeniffer and Tim question their relationship, and Avery and Omar spend their last day together in Beirut, Lebanon.


Episode 11 - Hard to Say I'm Sorry

Tim must make an important decision, Benjamin negotiates the bride price, and Darcey confides in Tom's sister. Then, Avery and Omar must say goodbye, Angela tries to make amends, and Rebecca reveals a bombshell.


Episode 12 - King of My Heart

Ben struggles to get through the bride price ceremony, Tim leaves Colombia with unfinished business, and Rebecca tries to hold onto Zied. Then, Caesar meets with a friend, and Tom plans a big gesture for Darcey's last night.


Episode 13 - Against All Odds

As their visits come to a close, the couples must part ways. They each have to learn to deal with distance once again, but not all couples handle the distance well.


Episode 14 - Tell All Part 1

Host Shaun Robinson sits down with the cast for a deep dive into the details of their most-intense moments this season.


Episode 15 - Tell All Part 2

Host Shaun Robinson dives back in to discuss more of the biggest moments with our couples and updates on where their relationships stand now.


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