Animal Cops: Houston

Animal Cops: Houston Season 1 Episodes

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Season 1 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Tigers & Bears, Oh My

Houston SPCA cruelty investigators are called out on an amazing rescue mission involving 11 bears and two tigers; saving these...


Episode 2 - Junkyard Dog

Houston SPCA investigators and veterinary staff have to act quickly when a dog suffers a panic attack that sends her body temperature...


Episode 3 - Boris The Boar

Chief Investigator Charles Jantzen of the Houston SPCA goes to the rescue of Boris the boar; Boris and nine other pigs have been...


Episode 4 - Engine Kitty

With Texas temperatures soaring to 100 degrees, the heat is on when SPCA Investigator Sage Whitney is called to rescue a tiny kitten...


Episode 5 - The Stallion Survivor

A clash between two warring stallions presents the Houston SPCA veterinary staff with one of the biggest challenges they have ever faced.


Episode 6 - Matted Murray

The Houston SPCA has a really bad case of neglect to deal with when Investigator Dana Moss brings in a tiny dog with a severely matted coat.


Episode 7 - Perfect Angel

The Houston SPCA's animal cruelty investigators rescue a puppy in desperate need of saving.


Episode 8 - Sanctuary Seizure

Houston SPCA investigators, medical staff and volunteers are called in to remove almost 200 birds and mammals from a sanctuary that is...


Episode 9 - Catahoula Puppies

Investigator Dana Moss rescues two abandoned dogs, one of them about to give birth; Senior Investigator Jennifer Francis seizes a horse...


Episode 10 - Ferret Frenzy

In the middle of a Texas winter, HSPCA Investigator Dana Moss is called out to help an injured colt that is unable to stand; Senior...


Episode 11 - Six Mangy Mutts

Investigators Sage Halford and Enrique Castillo come to the aid of a litter of pups that has been callously dumped in a ditch in the...


Episode 12 - Fighting Birds

A rooster fight is in full swing when it is raided by the police; the investigators of the Houston SPCA are called in to gather evidence...


Episode 13 - Little Colt That Could

SPCA Investigator Jennifer Francis seizes several starved and neglected animals from a property, including three horses; a colt later...


Episode 14 - Amazing Transformations

The Houston SPCA revisits the cases in which animals' lives have been dramatically transformed.


Episode 15 - From Cage To Comfort

The Houston SPCA recalls one of its most dramatic rescues of 11 bears and two tigers that had been living in cramped cages in West Texas;...


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