Animal Cops: Houston

Animal Cops: Houston Season 4 Episodes

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Season 4 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Cat Hoarding House

The SPCA team embarks upon the huge task of removing birds from a live and dangerous crime scene.


Episode 2 - Truck Dragged Pony

A case of neglect turns into a dangerous stand-off when investigators discover horses with shocking injuries.


Episode 3 - Abandoned Hero

A shocking case of neglect turns into a threatening standoff; a case of abandonment leaves a dog and some cats living in total squalor.


Episode 4 - Justice Served

Fifteen starving horses seized from a property leave investigators in shock.


Episode 5 - Human Trafficking Operation

Houston SPCA staff joins local law enforcement after a raid on a property to free illegal immigrants held hostage by gunmen.


Episode 6 - Animal Hoarder

The Houston SPCA face a difficult situation when an animal hoarder becomes angry and refuses to allow the workers to take her animals.


Episode 7 - Snakes On The Loose

After arriving at an abandoned piece of property to rescue horses, Houston SPCA investigators also rescue puppies from a storm drain.


Episode 8 - Hoarder Family

An elderly family living in a home dangerously close to collapsing hoards a large amount of cats.


Episode 9 - Most Shocking Cases

A look back at the most shocking cases of the series, reliving despair, neglect, rescue and hope.


Episode 10 - Extreme Hoarding Cases

A special look at the hoarder obsession and the families that home a large number of animals.


Episode 11 - Spotter's Second Chance

Investigators discover a disturbingly large number of dogs trapped in homemade pens.


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