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Episode 1 - Parasitic Pal / It's No Picnic

"Parasitic Pal" - Lazlo gets a new best friend. No, not another camper, but a parasitic leech that is stuck to his head! "It's No Picnic" - The Bean Scouts and the Squirrel Scouts settle their mud puddle squabble during a "friendly" picnic.


Episode 2 - The Weakest Link / Lumpy Treasure

"The Weakest Link" - The campers send the Jelly Beans on a wild goose chase so they won't screw up the camp inspection! "Lumpy Treasure" - A bunch of mosquito bites form a treasure map on Raj's behind and the Jellies hunt for a secret treasure!


Episode 3 - Tree Hugger / Marshmallow Jones

"Tree Hugger" - Lumpus and Lazlo butt heads when they both try to catch the elusive "Migrating Mullberry" tree which only visits this region once every 100 years. "Marshmallow Jones" - Lazlo's friendship with Raj suffers because Raj has only one thing on his mind, marshmallows, marshmallows and marshmallows!


Episode 4 - Lights Out / Swimming Buddy

"Lights Out" - Lumpus can't get the Jelly Beans to turn their darn lights out! "Swimming Buddy" - Lazlo helps Raj prepare for the camp swimming test, but Raj is terrified of even the tiniest drop of water!


Episode 5 - Gone Fishin' (Sort Of) / Beans Are from Mars

"Gone Fishin' (Sort Of)" - Scoutmaster Lumpus is determined to finally catch a fish, and he certainly doesn't need the Jelly Beans to help him reel one in. Or does he? "Beans are from Mars" - The Squirrel Scouts discover that the Jelly Beans are actually from another planet and take them hostage to find out more.


Episode 6 - Dosey Doe / Prodigious Clamus

"Dosey Doe" - Lazlo organizes a dance with the Squirrel Scouts so that Lumpus can spend time with Jane Doe, but when the big night arrives, Lumpus is so nervous that his body literally explodes from fear. "Prodigious Clamus" - Lumpus discovers that Clam is not only a child genius, but his meal ticket to a life of fame and fortune!


Episode 7 - The Wig of Why / Float Trippers

"The Wig of Why" - Lazlo finds a wig and pretends he's a swami making predictions, but the campers are truly spooked when the predictions come true. "Float Trippers" - Raj loses his retainer and spends the campers entire float trip neurotically obsessing over it – that is, until Lazlo snaps him out of it.


Episode 8 - Snake Eyes / Racing Slicks

"Snake Eyes" - When the Jelly Beans lose their new pet snake in their cabin, Patsy shows up to save the campers from being swallowed one by one by the vicious (and very cute) little garter snake. "Racing Slicks" - The Jelly Beans disappoint Slinkman when they blow all their box car money, but they redeem themselves by winning the race anyway out of their own original contraption!


Episode 9 - The Nothing Club / Loogie Llama

"The Nothing Club" - When Edward excludes Lazlo from his secret club, Lazlo creates his own club out of nothing! "Loogie Llama" The bean scouts feel lousy because they don't have horses, but that all changes when Lazlo calls in a spitting llama who reminds them all it's okay to be a misfit.


Episode 10 - Slugfest / Beans and Weanies

"Slugfest" - When Lumpus won't give Slinkman the night off, Lazlo helps Slinkman finally stand up to his boss. "Beans and Weanies" The Jelly Beans discover they are genius hot dog makers and the camp "fame" goes straight to their heads!


Episode 11 - Prickly Pining Dining / Camp Kidney Stinks

"Prickly Pining Dining" - Lumpus "dines and dashes" at the town restaurant and he would've gotten away with it if he hadn't left those darn Jelly Beans behind! "Camp Kidney Stinks" - Lazlo wants everyone to stop showering and get stinky, but Samson's anal retentive ways stop his "dirty" plan.


Episode 12 - Beans and Pranks / Movie Night

"Beans and Pranks" - Slinkman goes undercover to find out who's been pranking the big moose. "Movie Night" - Edward is not old enough to watch the camp movie and goes a little berserk trying to prove that he's mature enough to handle the film (which of course, he's not!)


Episode 13 - Big Cheese / Campers All Pull Pants

"Campers All Pull Pants" - Someone is pantsing all the campers and Lazlo is terrified that he might be next! "The Big Cheese" - When Lumpus discovers that Raj has a precious cheese wheel from India, he pulls out all the stops to eat that cheese himself.



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