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Episode 1 - Hallobeanies / Meatman

"Hallobeanies" - Lumpus' favorite holiday is ruined when the Jelly Beans can't stop trick or treating. "Meat Man" - The Jelly Beans create a doll out of canned meat that comes to life and terrorizes the camp.


Episode 2 - No Beads, No Business / Miss Fru Fru

"No Beads, No Business!" – Raj's dream of turning the camp store into something special is tested when he hires his best friend Lazlo. "Miss Fru Fru" – Jane Doe decides to throw a Miss Fru Fru Pageant, but the Squirrel Scouts are not even sure what being "Fru Fru" means.


Episode 3 - Burpless Bean / Slap-Happy

"Burpless Beans" – Edward and Lazlo go head to head in a battle for better belching! "Slap Happy" – Lumpus becomes paranoid when he thinks Lazlo has discovered his secret handshake.


Episode 4 - Handy Helper / Love Sick

"Handy Helper" – Lumpus desperately needs to earn his handy helper badge so he "helps" Lazlo become more like him. "Love Sick" – Clam gets Lovesick over Gretchen and only Lazlo and Raj can save him.


Episode 5 - Parent's Day / Club Kidney-Ki

"Parents Day" – When the Jellies discover that Lumpus' parents did not come to visit him at Camp, they try to set things right. "Club Kidney-Ki"– When the doctor orders Slinkman to take a Hawaiian vacation, Lumpus does everything possible to stop it.


Episode 6 - The Battle of Pimpleback Mountain / Dead Bean Drop

"The Battle of Pimpleback Mountain" – The Jellies rip a hole in Lumpus' prized tent and will do anything to keep Lumpus from discovering the secret. "Dead Bean Drop" – When the Jellies discover Slinkman used to be an amazing stuntman, they do all they can to restore him to his former glory.


Episode 7 - I've Never Bean In a Sub / The Great Snipe Hunt

"I've Never Bean In A Sub" – The Jellies want a submarine for the lake and try to raise the money to buy one. "The Great Snipe Hunt" – When Lumpus pulls a prank on the bean scouts, it completely backfires and he ends up at their mercy.


Episode 8 - Mascot Madness / Tomato Paste

"Mascot Madness" – All the campers vie to become Camp Kidney's newest mascot. Unfortunately, there can be only one winner. "Tomato Paste" – Edward "earns" enough badges to become the first camper ever to graduate from Camp Kidney – but does he want to go?


Episode 9 - Hello Dolly / Over Cooked Beans

"Hello Dolly" – Edward will stop at nothing to prevent the Jellies from discovering he has a doll. "Overcooked Bean" – On the hottest day of the year, an air conditioner falls from the sky and brings out the worst in the campers at Camp Kidney.


Episode 10 - Snow Beans / Irreconcilable Dungferences

"Snow Beans" - The Bean Scouts and the Squirrel Scouts go skiing and Lazlo and Lumpus discover that the mountain isn't big enough for the both of them. "Irreconcilable Dungferences" – Skip and Chip have a big fight and it's up to Lazlo to get them back together again.


Episode 11 - There’s No Place Like Gnome / Hot Spring Fever

"There's No Place Like Gnome" – Edward gets bit by a wood gnome and he discovers that this is no little mosquito bite! "Hot Spring Fever" – Raj and Samson fight over a secret hot spring only to end up shriveled raisins from soaking in it too long.


Episode 12 - 7 Deadly Sandwiches

Camp Kidney puts on an informative play about the seven types of poisonous sandwiches, but unfortunately there can be only one lead.


Episode 13 - Camp Sampson / Beany Weenies

“Camp Samson” – When Samson feels left out from the group, he is determined to make them all remember him...somehow! “Beany Weenies” – Miss Mucous volunteers to help the Bean Scouts pass their fitness test, but secretly she’s out to destroy Camp Kidney.



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