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Cold Water Cowboys Season 2 Episodes

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Season 2 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Ice Breaker

A bad winter delays the fishing season, so Richard Gillett risks skipping crab to go for winter herring; Paul Tiller steams to the first crab strings of the season, while Conway and Rick set off to pull their first crab pots.


Episode 2 - New Faces, New Problems

Richard Gillett struggles to train a new skiff man; Conway's new guy is finally getting the hang of things; Paul's crew enjoys the best crabbing in years but discovers his buoys are in the wrong spot.


Episode 3 - Growing Pains

Richard Gillett and the Midnight Shadow crew prepare for capelin season; mechanical breakdowns on the Sea Doo mean Conway Caines and his father Rick have not caught any fish; it's turbot season for the Atlantic Bandit.


Episode 4 - Fire At Sea

Husband-and-wife team Andre and Michelle Jesso go after mackerel; Paul Tiller and the Atlantic Bandit crew gear up for their first seining trip in five years; Skipper Richard Gillett hopes for a monster catch of herring.


Episode 5 - Pushing the Limits

Morris Anstey is out for as big a catch as he can get, even it means going out in the worst weather to dangerous fishing grounds; Andre and Michelle Jesso badly need a catch; Richard Gillett must take more risks to get his catch.


Episode 6 - Close Calls

Andre and Michelle abandon the search for mackerel in favour of herring; Morris navigates blind in dangerous fishing grounds; Rick Caines and crew are out fishing in their new boat.


Episode 7 - Deep Sea Danger

Skipper Paul Tiller and crew fish for urchin, diving 40 feet down to get to them; Morris Anstey continues a hot streak of fishing luck; Andre and Michelle Jesso still seek their first big catch.


Episode 8 - Race Against Time

It's late in the fishing season and Skipper Paul Tiller's crew find conditions increasingly difficult diving for urchin; Skipper Morris Anstey races to catch as much herring as possible before the fish plant closes.


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