Cold Water Cowboys Season 4 Episodes

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Season 4 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Ice, Ice And More Ice

The Atlantic Bandit heads further into the world's deadliest ocean than they've gone before; Rick Crane is running two days behind the rest of the crab fishing fleet; the Sebastian Sails steams into Iceberg Alley.


Episode 2 - Jeepers Creepers

Morris Anstey gambles to change his crab-fishing luck, but could leave the Sebastian Sails worse off; Crane's Legacy faces rough weather, compromising their halibut catch; Paul Tiller brings an unwelcome guest aboard the Atlantic Bandit.


Episode 3 - Go With Your Gut

Paul Tiller and the Atlantic Bandit face fierce competition for capelin; in Placentia Bay, there's a new boat in the harbour; Morris Anstey and his son face off in a battle of wills.


Episode 4 - Screwed In A Big Way

Morris Anstey goes after a new catch, turbot, and Paul Tiller is nearby to lend some help; Rick Crane's lobster season ends in a flop, jeopardizing his plans to purchase an engagement ring.


Episode 5 - King Of Turbot

Paul Tiller and Morris Anstey go head to head to see who comes home with the most turbot; the Crewshell Chill make a huge investment for the licence and equipment to fish sea cucumbers.


Episode 6 - Holy Mackerel!

Crawling with insider facts and bonus scenes; Captains Johnathan and Andy fish together for possibly the last time; Captain Jake deals with a belligerent deckhand; Captain Keith reaches his breaking point.


Episode 7 - One Man's Guts, Another Man's Gold

Skipper Lee Pon and the Jacob Louisa hunt for herring; on their final trip of the season, the Crewshell Chill hunts for cod for the first time in more than 20 years.


Episode 8 - Ever Seen Money Wiggle?

Success eludes Lee Pond and the Jacob Louisa, as they struggle to find herring against humpbacks and a supermoon; the Sebastian Sails is plagued by equipment failures and a sonar blackout.


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