Hello, Jack! The Kindness Show Season 1 Episodes

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Season 1 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Jack’s Kindness Story

Olivia wants to make her uncle laugh, so Jack helps her write a silly story for him.


Episode 2 - Jack and the Fur-Ever Home Finders

Sonia’s devotion to the animals at an adoption fair inspires Jack to help her find forever homes for all of the pets.


Episode 3 - Jack and Cooper’s Chalk Game

With a little encouragement from Jack, Cooper creates a giant game for all of Clover Grove to play.


Episode 4 - Friday Feast at Jack’s Café

A minor injury leaves Chef unable to cook, so Jack steps in to keep the Friday Feast pizza tradition alive.


Episode 5 - Jack’s Surprise for Mr. Prickles

When Mr. Prickles reveals that he misses the garden at his old home, Jack and his friends work together to cheer him up.


Episode 6 - Jack and Cooper’s Hearts

Inspired by Jack, Cooper hands out paper hearts to brighten everyone’s day—and learns his kindness is the true gift.


Episode 7 - Jack and Olivia’s Big Bus Adventure

Olivia’s nervous about her first time riding the bus, so Jack and his friends find creative ways to ease her fears.


Episode 8 - Jack’s Hello Kindness Day

Jack and his friends set out to solve a kindness mystery: Who’s behind the random acts of kindness popping up all over town?



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