Hello, Jack! The Kindness Show Season 2 Episodes

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Season 2 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Jack’s Hallowonderful

When Olivia reveals she’s scared of spooky surprises, Jack leads the way as a trick-or-treating buddy.


Episode 2 - Jack Helps With the Hiccups

Bebe’s big concert is threatened by a case of the hiccups, but Jack is determined to help her succeed.


Episode 3 - Jack’s Loved and Found

At the Hummingbird Café, Jack finds a lost stuffie and looks for creative ways to care for it until its owner returns.


Episode 4 - Jack’s Knights of Kindness

Olivia and Jack gallop around Clover Grove, encouraging their friends to believe they can do things they don’t think they can.


Episode 5 - Jack’s Petunia Predicament

When Jack’s prized plant goes missing from the café, he and his friends try to find it by following a trail of clues.


Episode 6 - Jack and the Story Gazebo

After the town’s beloved gazebo is damaged, Jack and his neighbors team up to repair it.


Episode 7 - Jack and Peyton’s Big Wait

Peyton’s mom is running late for lunch, so Jack and Peyton find fun ways to be patient as they wait together.


Episode 8 - Jack’s Snow Globe Café

When a snowstorm postpones the winter gazebo lighting, Jack and friends make the most of the moment with a “kindness cascade” at the café.


Episode 9 - Jack’s Surprise for a Friend

It’s Celebrate Your Friend Day in Clover Grove and Jack is preparing a special song. But can his voice keep up with his excitement?



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