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Season 2 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Crime and Punishment

As hotelier Ike Evans sits in jail under arrest for murder, wife Vera, son Stevie and the Miramar Playa team scramble to raise bail money and, in the process, discover the secret of Ike’s Miramar “silent” partners. Mobster Ben Diamond fears Ike will crumble under pressure from State’s Attorney Jack Klein and offers aid in unexpected ways. Ike’s fate hangs in the balance as he awaits Judi Silver’s grand jury testimony.


Episode 2 - Angels of Death

Ike sets his Cuba plan in motion, risking all to rid his Miramar Playa of Ben Diamond. Ben goes to Chicago to pressure Mob boss Sy Berman into letting him kill Ike. Stevie and Lily go on a “real” date and Stevie jumps in the middle of Bel’s bar fight. Vera is threatened by Meg Bannock’s newfound place at the family Passover, while Ben entertains Tampa gangster Nicky Grillo at his debauched “Seder.”


Episode 3 - Adapt or Die

While Ike travels to Havana to retrieve Maria’s ashes and set his dangerous plan to oust Ben in motion, Ben makes his own surprising moves to upset Ike’s world and lure Stevie deeper into his own. Stevie offers a chemical solution when Vera struggles with her exhausting dance rehearsals, and Danny revisits the idea of working for his father’s other nemesis, Jack Klein.


Episode 4 - Crossroads

Risking everything, Ike makes mob boss Sy Berman an offer – Havana for the Miramar Playa. As Vera prepares for her show’s big premiere, Stevie brings a new piece of risky business to the Miramar Playa. Danny commits to Klein and learns the truth about Ben Diamond’s dark empire. Ben ruins Nicky Grillo’s arms deal with the Cubans, with tragic results.


Episode 5 - World in Changes

Ike and Meg grow closer as Meg uses her connections to fight the gambling bill, while Vera must face reality about her dancing future. Danny’s relationships with both Klein and Mercedes boil over as a result of Nicky Grillo’s busted arms deal. Ben has a business proposal for Stevie just as Stevie’s relationship with Lily takes a complicated turn. Elevator girl Theresa’s spying for Ike costs her dearly.


Episode 6 - Sitting On Top of the World

Stevie’s sex and booze-soaked disc jockey convention takes over the Miramar Playa, bringing unexpected consequences for all the Evans men. Mercedes makes a startling revelation to Vera, while Danny and Judi unexpectedly grow closer. Ike’s plot to fix the Cuban lottery is set in motion, and Ben seeks revenge in all the wrong places. The Evans family will never be the same.


Episode 7 - …And Your Enemies Closer

Ike’s deal to run Castro’s Havana hotels fractures his relationship with Victor. Stevie starts a new job with The Butcher, while Judi tells Danny a deadly secret. Klein swears to destroy Ike as Ben makes his final moves to assure passage of the gambling vote. When the terrifying Sy Berman arrives in Miami, Lily presents an invaluable gift to a surprising ally.


Episode 8 - The Sins of the Father

Ike and Ben’s future hangs in the balance as the casino gambling bill comes to a final vote. Ike makes Klein a tempting offer, and Sy makes a final decision about Ben. Victor recognizes a devastating truth about his new anti-Castro cohorts, while Vera makes a life-altering proposal to Mercedes. As Stevie oversees the grand opening of Madame Renee’s elegant whorehouse, Danny draws the line between right and wrong.



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