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Episode 1 - Finding David

It’s been several days since the sale of the town fell through, and the Roses are still searching for their missing son, David. It soon becomes clear, however, that Moira may be even more worried about the bag that David took with him. Meanwhile, Alexis must make a difficult choice between Ted and Mutt. Luckily, she’s able to delay her decision when David is found in the most unlikely of places.


Episode 2 - Family Dinner

In hopes of showcasing her culinary prowess, Moira decides to make dinner for the family and enlists David’s help. Johnny searches for office space in order to start a new business. Ted continues to press Alexis for a response to his marriage proposal.


Episode 3 - The Jazzagals

Moira finds out that Jocelyn is the leader of the town’s a cappella group, "The Jazzagals," and decides to audition. David plans to build a cedar box for his expensive sweaters, and gets some unlikely help from Mutt. Johnny discovers that working out of Bob’s garage requires him to be a little more hands-on than he’d hoped.


Episode 4 - Estate Sale

At an estate sale Johnny and Moira find a mattress in its original wrapping, and then promptly get into a bidding war over it. Mutt surprises Alexis with a new bike, but soon discovers why it might be an inappropriate gift. David reluctantly agrees to help Roland shop for clothing.


Episode 5 - Bob's Bagels

In an attempt to show off his business acumen, Johnny pitches a business idea that Bob takes far too seriously. David asks Stevie to take him to a job interview in Elmdale, only to discover that he has previously offended the store’s owner. Moira overcomes her squeamishness in order to take care of a sick Alexis.


Episode 6 - Moira vs. Town Council

Fed up with her town looking like a garbage heap, Moira tries to effect change by voicing her complaints to the Town Council. Alexis’ relationship is thrown into jeopardy when Mutt makes the rash decision to update his look. David takes full advantage of his company credit card and it’s up to Johnny to reel him in before it’s too late.


Episode 7 - The Candidate

Johnny discovers there’s an open spot on Town Council, and contemplates entering the race, but Moira puts a damper on his campaign before it’s even started. David and Stevie test their newfound friendship by trying to pick up strangers at a sleazy bar on the edge of town. Alexis struggles to adjust to the single life.


Episode 8 - Milk Money

In hopes of making some quick money, Johnny enters the raw milk business, but things quickly take a turn for the worse when Alexis is left in charge of ordering the supply. Moira, feeling disconnected from the voting public, attempts to bond with some of the locals. David is drawn into advising Moira’s competitor against his better judgement and Moira’s.


Episode 9 - Moira's Nudes

Moira’s campaign is threatened when she thinks revealing photos of her have turned up on the internet. Moira must now use everything at her disposal to track down these tasteful, yet compromising pictures. Johnny’s money problems become overwhelming and he seeks emergency help from an unlikely source, while Alexis’ former fiancé offers to ease her financial troubles with an unexpected offer of employment.


Episode 10 - Ronnie's Party

Moira seeks voters for her election bid, and manages to tee up a meeting with a “key demographic.” Johnny tags along and quickly realizes that Moira may have misread the room. Alexis’ new job proves to be harder than she thought, and she contemplates leaving almost as soon as it starts. David’s boss saddles him with his biggest responsibility yet: her 14-year-old stepdaughter.


Episode 11 - The Motel Guest

Moira experiences a sleepless night due to a noisy next-door neighbour, and Johnny is surprised to discover who the culprit is. Now Johnny and Moira must find a way to bring peace back to their motel home. With money from her new job, Alexis goes apartment hunting with David.


Episode 12 - Lawn Signs

When some of Moira’s campaign signs mysteriously disappear, Johnny immediately accuses Roland of foul play. David suddenly finds himself unemployed when the Blouse Barn becomes entangled in a legal dispute. With the help of Alexis, David tries to turn the situation into a financial windfall for his boss.


Episode 13 - Happy Anniversary

To celebrate their anniversary, Johnny and Moira go out to the finest restaurant Elmdale has to offer. But the night takes an unexpected turn when they bump into some of their old friends. Meanwhile David and Alexis hit Mutt’s barn party, where David and Stevie compete for the same guy, and Alexis finally comes to terms with the end of her relationship with Mutt.


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