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Son of a Critch Season 2 Episodes

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Season 2 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Growing Apart

Mark is devastated to learn Fox found a new boyfriend over the summer. Meanwhile, Mike Jr struggles to tell his dad that he dropped out of school.


Episode 2 - You're Dead After School

Fox’s boyfriend threatens to beat Mark up after school. Mary learns Mike Sr is making less money than their son, and pushes her husband to demand a raise.


Episode 3 - Feast or Famine

Mark is determined to raise the most money for the 24-hour famine. Meanwhile, the refrigerator breaks at the Critch house forcing the family to cook all their food at once.


Episode 4 - Beer Necessities

Desperate to seem more mature, Mark heads off school grounds for lunch, but things take a turn when the Fox boys offer Mark his first beer. Meanwhile, Mary takes a job selling Avon products.


Episode 5 - Family Tree

Mark uncovers dark family secrets when he researches the Critch family tree. Meanwhile, a death in the family causes Pop to reassess his relationship with his son.


Episode 6 - Who Dares Dare Hudaro?

Mark falls under the spell of a visiting hypnotist and lets his grades slip. Meanwhile, Pop struggles to lose weight when he gets too fat for his pants.


Episode 7 - The Perfect Storm

Mark learns things about his parents he never knew, after a historic storm knocks out power to the Critch house. Meanwhile, when his father’s back goes out, Mike Jr has to broadcast all night alone.


Episode 8 - Spirit Week

The kids are allowed to wear jeans at school for Spirit Week. The only problem is that Mark doesn’t own a pair. Meanwhile, Sister Rose picks Mary to join her choir.


Episode 9 - European Vacation

Mark tries to win back Fox during a school trip to “France.” Meanwhile, Pop uses the trip to revisit his past life as a bootlegger with Al Capone.


Episode 10 - Old Friends, New Friends

Mark and Ritche pretend to be Protestant to fit in with a cool group of kids from another school. Meanwhile, Pop meets up with an old flame at a retirement home.


Episode 11 - Pope Visit

Mark tries to ‘fake healthy’ after falling ill the day he is supposed to meet the Pope. Meanwhile, a rival radio station tries to tempt Mike Jr away from VOCM, breaking Mike Sr’s heart.


Episode 12 - Details are Scanty

When Fox’s father gets arrested, Mark lobbies his father not to report on the crime. Meanwhile, Pop and Mary steal cable with a descrambler.


Episode 13 - Halley's Comet

Mark is excited for Halley’s Comet, but the magic is lost when he learns Fox is moving. Meanwhile, a new restaurant being built near the Critch house, threatens to change the family forever.



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