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Episode 1 - The Impossible Dream / Stuck in the Rain

Karl builds a spaceship but no one thinks it will fly. An unwelcome summer rain gives Michael a new perspective on fun.


Episode 2 - Gift of Compassion / Larger Than Life

Addy gets frustrated with Karl for not sharing a game. Karl receives a toy robot that isn't what he expected.


Episode 3 - Soaked / A Perfect Fit

Karl and Michael feel badly after accidentally soaking Addy with water balloons. When Michael and Addy build a go-kart, Karl feels left out.


Episode 4 - Downward Dog / The Sleeping Moon

Michael is hired to pet-sit a neighbor's dog for the weekend. Things don't go as planned when the kids try to watch a lunar eclipse.


Episode 5 - The Race / Dressed Up

Addy feels sad after losing a cross-country race. Karl is unwilling to give up his favorite shirt, even though he’s outgrown it.


Episode 6 - The Haircut / Paper Wings

Karl is afraid to visit a barber for the first time. Michael becomes determined to make the perfect paper airplane.


Episode 7 - Loud Colors / Tied up in Knots

Addy looks forward to a peaceful painting session with Stillwater. Karl finally ties his shoes by himself but worries he won’t be able to do it again.


Episode 8 - Crossing Over / Kind of Blue

Karl faces his fear of crossing a creek in the woods. Michael sees that Addy looks sad and wants to cheer her up.


Episode 9 - Out on a Limb / Sandcastles

Karl accidentally breaks a branch on Stillwater’s cherry tree. The kids try to protect their sandcastle from being washed away.


Episode 10 - The Unexpected Gift / Celebration Song

The kids think it’s Stillwater’s birthday and plan a surprise party. Addy is disappointed about not getting a lead role in the school play.


Episode 11 - The Trade / Winter Wonder

Michael is upset when Karl trades a rare game card. A homemade snow scooter leaves Michael feeling frustrated.


Episode 12 - Ghost Story

Michael feels abandoned on Halloween when Addy gets invited to a friend’s party, and Karl decides to stay in because he’s afraid of ghosts.


Episode 13 - The Way Home

While helping Stillwater make treats to celebrate Dongzhi, the kids learn he plans to share some with a neighbor they’re wary of.



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