Stillwater Season 2 Episodes

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Season 2 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - The Visit / Showtime

The arrival of Stillwater’s niece Koo has Karl feeling a bit unseen. Addy puts on a show with her brothers but needs to learn to collaborate.


Episode 2 - Karl’s Museum / The Helper

Karl is disappointed his gem museum doesn’t attract more visitors. Addy’s time with her classmates gets disrupted by Karl’s antics.


Episode 3 - Band Aid / The Good Morning

Addy forms a band with her friends and discovers playing together is harder than she expected. Michael’s day gets off to a rough start.


Episode 4 - Building Big / Falling Leaves

Michael feels overwhelmed by how long it’ll take to build his dream treehouse. Karl copes with the loss of his favorite climbing tree.


Episode 5 - Stitch Marks / Friends Forever

Karl is upset that MuMu, his favorite stuffed toy, is “broken.” Addy feels betrayed when her best friend spends time with someone else.


Episode 6 - Hide and Seek / The Trip

Karl and Koo think of ways to make their playdate last forever. Stillwater is anxious about everything he has to do before his trip.


Episode 7 - One Drop Makes an Ocean

Stillwater shows the kids his worm farm and other things he does to live green, which inspires them to come up with more ways to help Earth.



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