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Episode 1 - Finding Another Dimension

As our villain family learns how to blend into their new town, things get complicated with their neighbor, Hartley, when Amy & Jake get their hands on their dad's evil invention.


Episode 2 - Trust No One

Fearing Hartley will reveal their true identity, the villainous family decides to blackmail her to keep their secret safe.


Episode 3 - The Villain Experience

Feeling bad that Colby has never had a chance to be a villain like they did, Amy and Jake set out to create a “villain” experience for him.


Episode 4 - Belts, Bulls & Superfans

When Eva turns Mother’s Day into a gift-giving challenge with consequences, Amy tries to score her the best gift ever but is forced to resort to more villainous tactics to win.


Episode 5 - ColossaCon!

When Amy finds out that her biggest nemesis, superhero Starling, is making an appearance at the upcoming superhero convention, she sets out to get revenge.


Episode 6 - Super Secrets

Jake and Hartley head off to confront Starling before she can rally the other superheroes to strike – all while keeping Amy and the rest of the villain family in the dark.


Episode 7 - A Little Havoc

When Amy agrees to help Hartley babysit a young neighbor girl, Scarlett, she learns that Scarlett is a huge fan of Havoc so she starts to “mentor” her herself.


Episode 8 - The Two Jakes

When Jake starts bonding with Celia’s new boyfriend, Robert, a jealous Vic creates a villainous clone of Jake to recapture their good times together.


Episode 9 - Battle for My Brother

Amy feels betrayed when she discovers Jake is meeting up with Starling. While Vic is attempting to fix Colby, an accident causes Colby to shift into an old man.


Episode 10 - Unleash the Chaos

Colby finally shape-shifts back into his 13-year-old self, only to get caught in a shape-shifting loop that toggles between his young and old self.



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