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90 Day Diaries Season 1 Episodes

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Season 1 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Life Goes On

Mohamed's trucker job leaves him lonely. Danielle has a surprising love life update. Loren and Alexei adjust to being new parents during a pandemic. Cortney is unsure about her future with Andy. David and Annie take a trip after a death in the family.


Episode 2 - In With the New

Molly manages her bra business amidst the pandemic. Robert and Anny prepare for their baby's arrival. Tom reflects on his past relationships. Dean reveals that he wants to start a family with his girlfriend. Anna and Mursel work to open their honey store.


Episode 3 - The Unexpected

Colt studies for a real estate license with Vanessa, and Debbie looks for a delivery job. Retirement sends David down memory lane. Corey and Evelin get help for their relationship. Fernanda is single and modeling. Syngin helps Tania recover from surgery.


Episode 4 - First and Foes

Elizabeth and Andrei argue with her family. Kalani and Asuelu look for a new home. Tiffany and Ronald celebrate Carly's first birthday virtually. Ash is in lockdown in Australia. Alla worries about introducing their daughter to Matt's family.


Episode 5 - Ready, Set, Go

Larissa and Eric argue about plastic surgery. Big Ed wants to get in shape before dating again. Stephanie settles into her new home, and Erika resumes her photography business. Laura sees her last chance to leave Ecuador. Larry teaches Jenny how to drive.


Episode 6 - Quarantine Baby

Robert and Anny welcome their baby girl. Newlyweds Jess and Brian make another big move. Loren and Alexei adjust to life with a newborn while working from home and keeping their spark alive.


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