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90 Day Diaries Season 3 Episodes

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Season 3 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Indecent Proposal

Kalani and Asuelu face marital problems while trying to move from Utah. Ron offers Brandon and Julia a big solution to their small apartment woes. Cortney has an awkward first date at an animal safari. Tom hopes to seal his future with girlfriend Mariah.


Episode 2 - The Perfect Storm

Jovi and Yara flee to Dallas as a hurricane threatens their hometown. Emily and Sasha begin their move to Russia. Tim and Veronica celebrate Chloe's quinceanera. Amber and Daniel walk down the aisle.


Episode 3 - Dream a Little Dream

Elizabeth and Andrei have a new house and a new business venture. Steve and Olga plan their move to NYC in just two weeks. Ben and Akinyi get fertility results. Laura moves in with her son. Rachel and Jon make their long-distance love work.


Episode 4 - The Future's So Bright

Angela heads to California in search of a new smile. Martine and Steven party hard at Miami Carnival. Fernanda and Noel take next steps. David hits the open road and isn't giving up on love. Zied seeks a new job to help Rebecca.


Episode 5 - Baby Steps

Kenny attends his grandson's birth, heightening Armando's baby fever. Chuck gets vulnerable while discussing his health and dating life. Steven and Olga move to NYC. Jessica travels to Brazil for a second medical opinion. Yolanda visits John in Missouri.


Episode 6 - Mother of All Moms

Mike is living large after separating from Natalie. Tarik and Hazel work to bring her son to the US. Kenny and Armando disagree on major life decisions. Anna and Mursel have baby news. Alla asks Matt to bring in an au pair.


Episode 7 - Luck Be a Lady Part Tonight

Molly gets life-changing surgery. Brittany finds new love in Atlanta. Colt and Vanessa try to make it work while living apart. Dean and Rigin learn to compromise. Larry and Jenny say adios to Florida and hello to Texas.


Episode 8 - It Takes Two to Tango

Tom wants to marry a reluctant Mariah. Danielle invites her ex-husband Mohamed to graduation. Caesar proves his worth as a man. Evelyn moves back home. Kyle and Noon want to get pregnant.


Episode 101 - 90 Day Diaries: Ukraine

Hear from beloved 90 Day Fiance cast members both in Ukraine and the US that have been affected by Russia's February 2022 invasion of Ukraine. They share how they and their loved ones are coping with the consequences of the war and react to world events.


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