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90 Day Diaries Season 2 Episodes

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Season 2 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Anna & Mursel, Tim & Melyza

Anna and Mursel take a big step in their IVF journey. Tim and Melyza are engaged and navigating citizenship for Melyza.


Episode 2 - Tania & Syngin, Amira, Yazan

Tania and Syngin explore living off the grid. Amira falls hard for her new American man. Yazan's love life needs his father's approval.


Episode 3 - Tom, Tarik, Hazel, Dean, Rigin

Tom spends a romantic weekend with his American girlfriend. Tarik and Hazel begin the process of bringing her son to America. Dean and Rigin prepare for their baby's arrival.


Episode 4 - Stephanie, Ben & Akinyi

Stephanie is over being celibate. Akinyi leaves Kenya for life in America with Ben, and later, they tie the knot at last.


Episode 5 - Yolanda, Kyle & Noon, Rebecca

Yolanda has a new, younger boyfriend, and no one approves. Kyle teaches Noon to snowboard. Rebecca meets Zied's new friends.


Episode 6 - Loren & Alexei, Robert & Anny

Loren and Alexei have a big announcement. Anny tells Robert it's time for baby Brenda to meet her family in the Dominican Republic. Cortney does some "sole" searching after taking on a new job. Steven and Olga consider life on the road in a converted van.


Episode 7 - Emily & Sasha, Larry & Jenny

Emily and Sasha talk to his ex about bringing his son to the US. Larry and Jenny prepare to leave the trailer park. Tim gets to know Veronica's boyfriend. Ash hopes to redeem himself with a new business idea.


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