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90 Day Diaries Season 4 Episodes

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Season 4 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - The Final Countdown

Brandon and Julia ready themselves to leave the nest. Molly gets her groove back. Rebecca mentally prepares for Zied's visit to Tunisia. Corey asks Evelin to move back to the US.


Episode 2 - Wrecking Ball

Tim teaches Chloe how to drive. Fernanda heads back to Mexico. Tom and Mariah visit his home away from home. Jess makes her own lipstick line. Danielle celebrates her 49th birthday.


Episode 3 - Not My First Rodeo

Brandon and Julia are moving but are scared to tell his parents. Ella prepares for Johnny's arrival. Fernanda meets Noel's family. Larry attempts to connect with his estranged son. Cortney wants to get fit.


Episode 4 - Don't Be a Drag

Olga and Steven get unexpected news. Rebecca is worried Zied wants to stay in Tunisia. Laura gets an empowering makeover. Ash moves closer to his son but leaves his new girlfriend back in Melbourne, Australia.


Episode 5 - Where Is the Love?

Kenny and Armando disagree about moving. Russ and Paola hit a low point and consider divorce. Colt's sporadic decisions about his life plans leave Vanessa unsettled. Rigin is pregnant with baby number two, but Dean has to leave the Philippines.


Episode 6 - Just Keep Swimming

Stephanie's new relationship is moving fast, and she and her mom discuss the future. Ben and Akinyi visit a fertility specialist. Corey's visa expires soon, so he and Evelin decide if she will join him in the US. Cynthia and her husband move into an RV.


Episode 7 - Take It to the Max

Caleb steps back into the dating game. Ellie and Victor disagree about his career path. Anna and Mursel prepare for their baby's arrival. Rose has found new love and is enjoying life. Rebecca has to make a big decision about moving to Tunisia with Zied.


Episode 8 - Life Is a Highway

Brandon and Julia change their moving plans, and Ron and Betty start to think about life without the farm. Rebecca makes a big decision about following Zied to Tunisia. Angela finally gets the smile she's been waiting for.


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