America: Facts vs. Fiction

America: Facts vs. Fiction Season 2 Episodes

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Season 2 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Fool's Gold

Jamie Kaler reveals a treasure trove of historic nuggets about the California Gold Rush and the Stock Market Crash of 1929.


Episode 2 - Last Man Standing

Jamie Kaler reveals how Davie Crockett really died and why General Custer faced court-martialing had he not attacked the Indians that outnumbered him.


Episode 3 - Lost at Sea

Jamie Kaler clears the clouds that surround history in the high seas including what pirates really did with their treasures and what's going on in the Bermuda Triangle.


Episode 4 - Booze and Bullets

Jamie Kaler reveals the shocking realities of our roaring 20s and lawless 30s from prohibition to a rogue's gallery of gangsters.


Episode 5 - Patton and Grant

Jamie Kaler reveals the true history of some of America's greatest generals, including George Patton and Ulysses S. Grant.


Episode 6 - Red, White and True?

Jamie Kaler dives into the myths and misconceptions surrounding our most revered patriotic symbols including the Statue of Liberty, the American Flag and Mount Rushmore.


Episode 7 - Wartime Rosies

From the women who broke Japan's secret code to the Hollywood sex goddess that invented a torpedo, Jamie tells the true stories of women during World War II.


Episode 8 - Masters of Illusion

Jamie reveals the greatest secrets about some of America's greatest showmen including Harry Houdini and the great P.T. Barnum.


Episode 9 - Seeing Isn't Believing

Jamie looks further into some of the most iconic photos and footage from the Civil War, Great Depression and World War II.


Episode 10 - What Happens in Vegas

Jamie reveals the hidden truth about Las Vegas from its first enterprise to the mighty Hoover Dam's construction.


Episode 11 - Conquering the Sky

Jamie Kaler is taking it to the sky as he digs into the histories of the Wright Brothers, Amelia Earhart's disappearance and more.


Episode 12 - Engineering the Impossible

Jamie Kaler reveals the truth behind our greatest feats of engineering including the Panama Canal and the Transcontinental Railroad.


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