America: Facts vs. Fiction

America: Facts vs. Fiction Season 5 Episodes

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Season 5 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Cowboys vs. Hollywood

Explore Hollywood's vision of the Old West, and learn the truth behind some of America's renowned rivalries.


Episode 2 - No Liars Allowed

See the true stories behind America's most infamous bad guys, and uncover the truths behind America's notorious secret societies.


Episode 3 - Yankees, Rebels, World War II

The myths behind World War II are exposed, and explore the truths that are often forgotten when it comes to America's Civil War.


Episode 4 - Vices and Vacations

Explore the myths surrounding our favorite vices, and learn the facts behind some of our favorite holidays.


Episode 5 - Monumental Realities

The myths behind some of history's most defining moments are uncovered, as well as revealing facts behind America's space explorations.


Episode 6 - Science or Sci-Fi?

The science in our nation's history is examined along with the myths that infect America's medical history. Also, learn the facts behind America's nuclear age.


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