America: Facts vs. Fiction

America: Facts vs. Fiction Season 4 Episodes

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Season 4 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - World War 2

Jamie digs into World War II to reveal that the war waged by America's greatest generation is obscured by myth.


Episode 2 - Smoking, Drinking and Gambling

Jamie Kaler reveals that even our favorite vices -- smoking, drinking and gambling -- are obscured by myths.


Episode 3 - Liberty and Leprechauns

Jamie reveals the unbelievable truths about Independence Day, St. Patrick's Day and our favorite mini-holiday, the weekend.


Episode 4 - The Real West

Jamie plays cowboys and Indians by identifying the pop-culture-influenced myths surrounding the Old West.


Episode 5 - Secret Societies

Jamie Kaler begins revealing the truth behind the many misconceptions about America's secret societies.


Episode 6 - Space: The Final Frontier

Jamie dives into some top-secret NASA secrets before revealing how Hollywood sometimes misses the mark when it comes to space exploration.


Episode 7 - The Atomic Age

Actor Jamie Kaler goes behind the myth to reveal surprising truths about the nuclear age.


Episode 8 - American Villains

Jamie explores the truths about some of history's most notorious bad guys from Al Capone and Benedict Arnold to Jesse James and more!


Episode 9 - Famous Feuds

From Hamilton vs. Burr to Hatfield vs. McCoy, Jamie Kaler is digging into the myths surrounding America's two biggest rivalries.


Episode 10 - Moments That Changed History

From the Battle of Thermopylae in 480 BC to the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962, Jamie is taking on some of history's biggest events.


Episode 11 - The Civil War

Despite it being a turning point in United States history, many myths cloud the truth behind the Civil War and Jamie is here to clear things up.


Episode 12 - Bad Medicine

Jamie Kaler debunks the many myths that have infected America's medical history.


Episode 101 - Fire In The Sky

Explore the myths behind extraterrestrial spacecraft and learn the truth of two pioneering flights.


Episode 102 - America Celebrates

Amusement parks and world’s fairs are examined to separate fiction from truth, and explore the myths of two favorite holidays, Christmas and New Year’s Eve.


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