BattleBots Season 7 Episodes

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Season 7 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - CHAMPIONS: Let the Slugfest Begin

In the fight capital of the world, a new tournament kicks off for robotic combat's hottest trophy: The Golden Bolt. But first the robots must face the toughest battle ever seen in Vegas: the Sin City Slugfest. Starring: Gigabyte.


Episode 2 - CHAMPIONS: The Slugfest Continues

Tonight's quest is to beat Desperado champion Lock-Jaw. But first eight bots have to fight to the death in the Sin City Slugfest. Only one will survive to face the veteran and qualify for the exclusive Golden Bolt tournament of champions.


Episode 3 - CHAMPIONS: The Slugfest Part 3

Eight hopefuls slug it out to the death for the right to take on Rotator. The winner will compete for the exclusive Golden Bolt. Will Rotator live up to its reputation or will another bot triumph and join the group of champions?


Episode 4 - CHAMPIONS: The Slugfest Part 4

The Sin City Slugfest continues as eight bots go head-to-head for a chance to punch a ticket to the Golden Bolt Tournament. Fan favorites like Blade, Bloodsport and Kraken must first win three straight fights and then overcome the formidable Skorpios.


Episode 5 - CHAMPIONS: The Final Slugfest

The final Sin City Slugfest blasts off. Eight contenders must fight to the death -- only one will survive to take on Witch Doctor, gatekeeper of the last vacant spot in the Golden Bolt Tournament. Who will join the field of Champions?


Episode 6 - CHAMPIONS: The Golden Bolt

After the ferocious Sin City Slugfest, the five new Champions join three Giant Nut winners for one night of carnage in the BattleBox. At stake is BattleBots' newest trophy: The Golden Bolt.


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