BattleBots Season 8 Episodes

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Season 8 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - ROBOTS, READY!!!

The BattleBots are back! World Championship VII gets underway with a loaded opening fight card. Tantrum the Champion begins its defense of the Giant Nut with a tumultuous Main Event against the Brazilian Bull Minotaur. Let the Bot Battles Begin!


Episode 2 - What the Flip?

It's Week 2 of the World Championship season and the fight card is chock full of veteran favorites, hotshot rookies and tons of carnage. Among the highlights: a monster main event -- End Game versus Blip.


Episode 3 - Strike While the Bot's Hot

The international cast of murderous machines doles out even more serious robot punishment in the third round of World Championship qualifiers. The night's climax is a shocking Main Event when two of the world's deadliest bots collide: Hydra vs. Rotator.


Episode 4 - 0 and 2. Am I Through?

The journey to qualify for the World Championship heats up as Quantum and Gruff look to start the season with a strong 2-0 start. Meanwhile iconic veterans Hypershock and Whiplash try to avoid the opposite -- a disastrous 0 and 2.


Episode 5 - Bad Blood

Two teams with bad blood, Madcatter and Riptide, look to settle a score. It's just one tense highlight in an action-packed fight card as the contenders battle to raise their place in the BattleBots hierarchy.


Episode 6 - Robot Redemption

Current world champion Tantrum is up against the ropes and faces the formidable flipping force of Hydra. New fan favorite, the pizza-themed Ripperoni, faces off against End Game.


Episode 7 - Violent Night

In Vegas, where dreams are made and broken, the stakes are climbing for 14 more teams in the World Championship qualifiers. Expect an extra big helping of destruction as Cobalt and Minotaur collide in a Main Event so violent, it should be rated "R."


Episode 8 - Mirror, Mirror

Huge and Quantum are undefeated while Blip looks to rebound from an 0-2 start by taking on its own sister bot, the defending champion Tantrum.


Episode 9 - You Want a Pizza Me?

It's the third qualifying fight for tonight's teams. Some must dig themselves out of a hole while others try to separate from the pack. It's nonstop action and builds to a kill-or-be-killed main event between a pair of superstars, End Game and HyperShock.


Episode 10 - Mid-Season Mayhem

Week 10 of the qualifiers and tonight's metal mayhem includes a tumultuous main event between Whiplash and Monsoon, two famous teams desperate for a win.


Episode 11 - Never Say Die

For some of tonight's teams, it's Do or Die -- they must either win the battle or go home. And there's a Main Event so violent, sparks will be bouncing off the BattleBox, as one robot dies and the other fries. But will victory go to Bloodsport or Rotator?


Episode 12 - Jaws and Claws

Tonight the Fight Card is loaded with some of the biggest names in the sport of robotic combat. Lock-Jaw squares off against Madcatter, Claw Viper faces Hypershock and the notorious flipper Hydra is facing the unbeaten Sawblaze.


Episode 13 - Pizza Party

It's the last chance saloon for some teams tonight, in their final qualifying round before the World Championship. Some are out to win a coveted top tournament seed; others just want to survive. For everyone, it's do or die.


Episode 14 - The Unbeatables

Black Dragon has never been knocked out; Riptide has destroyed every opponent in seconds. Tonight these two formidable foes face each other in the ultimate match up.


Episode 15 - The Big Reveal

It’s the final qualifying round, and 12 teams must survive one more fight before the Round of 32 lineup can finally be unveiled. Tantrum faces Whiplash, and Minotaur -- the bull from Brazil -- looks to take revenge on Witch Doctor -- the master of voodoo.


Episode 16 - World Championship VII -- Round of 32

The World Championship kicks off with the best combat robots in the world competing for the ultimate prize: the Giant Nut. The first half of the Round of 32 will see eight do-or-die battles -- winners progress to the Round of 16, and the losers go home.


Episode 17 - 8 More to Fall

The World Championship Tournament continues with more Round of 32 action. By the end of the evening, eight more teams will fall. The left side of the tournament bracket's ripe for busting, and tensions are reaching their boiling point inside the arena.


Episode 18 - World Championship VII -- Round of 16

Tonight is the Round of 16, where teams will clash in hopes of breaking into the quarterfinals! These bots survived the Round of 32, but tonight’s action will be bigger, louder and deadlier than ever. The Giant Nut is on the line -- who’s it gonna be?


Episode 19 - The World Championship VII Finals

The World Championship VII Finals have arrived! Tonight, eight bots lay it all on the line as they vie for BattleBots immortality. Only one will survive the gauntlet and hoist the most coveted prize in robot combat: the Giant Nut!


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