BattleBots Season 8 Episodes

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Season 8 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - ROBOTS, READY!!!

It's opening night of BattleBots VII. All your favorite killer machines and genius teams are back for the number-one tournament in robotic sport. The BattleBots World Championship qualifiers kick off with an epic fight card, including fancied contenders like Witch Doctor, Ribbot, Glitch and Riptide. The climax is a Main Event for the ages, as the reigning champion Tantrum begins its title defense against Minotaur, the raging bull from Brazil. It's Robot Fighting Time!


Episode 2 - What the Flip?

It's the second week of the Championship qualifiers and the temperature is rising. Fan favorites like Hypershock, Sawblaze, MadCatter and Whiplash return to the BattleBox, plus there's the debut of some exciting hotshot rookies. And at the end of the night, a menacing main event features two title holders:. Golden Bolt, winner End Game from New Zealand, takes on Blip, the flipper designed by Aren Hill who created the current Giant Nut holder Tantrum. Standby for Chaos!


Episode 3 - Strike While the Bot's Hot

It's the return of Deathroll, the Aussie Assassin that punches its blood-soaked fist in victory every time it destroys an opponent as they face the British bot destroyer, Cobalt. While a nautical monster with the biggest weapon in the field -- rookie Triton also has its first fight. Meanwhile Bot Legend Donald Hutson returns to try and resurrect Lock Jaw's reputation after a disappointing display last season. The night culminates in a tumultuous Main Event as the world's most infamous flipper Hydra looks to flip the script on the master of destruction, Rotator.


Episode 4 - 0 and 2. Am I Through?

The stakes have doubled as World Championship VII heads into its fourth week. Eight robots have yet to fight; now they go head-to-head. Meanwhile six other squads look to improve their record in the BattleBox. Crippling crusher Quantum will take on the fearsome flame-thrower of Gruff and two famous veterans desperate for a win will be scrapping with each other as Whiplash and HyperShock collide in a critical Main Event.


Episode 5 - Bad Blood

The second round of qualifying fights reveals a fight card jam-packed with Giant Nut contenders. With visions of Championship glory, all the teams look to leave a lasting impression by unleashing fury inside the BattleBox. They want to make an impact but will it be a knockout? The lineup includes two teams with bad blood between them: community college team Madcatter, helmed by Martin Mason, taking on rising superstar Ethan Kurtz and Riptide. Claims of stolen designs are the backbone of this history and tonight they are ready to settle the score.


Episode 6 - Robot Redemption

It's just a few weeks into World Championship VII and if you thought things were violent, standby for some even more ferocious matchups. Two former "Most Destructive" bots, Rotator and Valkyrie go for victories; fan-favorites Skorpios and Aussie bot Deathroll, with its terrifying severed arm, try to destroy their opponents. The world's only Pizza Bot, Ripperoni, tries to slice through the former World Champion from New Zealand, End Game. But at the end of the night, there's a Main Event for the ages. In the most anticipated fight of the season so far, there's a rematch between current Giant Nut holders Tantrum and the formidable flipper Hydra, whose last match was ... controversial, to say the least. Get your spiciest popcorn ready!


Episode 7 - Violent Night

In Vegas, where dreams are made and broken, the stakes are climbing for 14 more teams in the World Championship qualifiers. Expect an extra big helping of destruction as Cobalt and Minotaur collide in a Main Event so violent, it should be rated "R."


Episode 8 - Mirror, Mirror

With the World Championship VII tournament approaching, some of the biggest names in the sport are jockeying for top seeds in tonight's fight card. Huge looks to keep its perfect season intact but faces the dual spinners of Fusion. Meanwhile the UK's crusher Quantum hopes to go 3-0 against Brazil's unkillable Black Dragon. The battle of the hammer bots will finally be decided when Beta has a showdown with Shatter! And, in the main event, it's the ultimate sibling rivalry when Blip steps into the Battlebox to face its sister team and defending World Champion Tantrum.


Episode 9 - You Want a Pizza Me?

As the teams on this loaded fight card take on their third qualifying fight of the regular season, some are in dire need of a season-saving victory while others look to storm ahead to a top seed in the World Championship Tournament. With the selection committee watching their every move, it's up to the bots to deliver show-stopping performances and prove they belong amongst the best squads in the world. It's nonstop action and carnage, and it all builds to a kill-or-be-killed main event between two superstars: End Game and HyperShock.


Episode 10 - Mid-Season Mayhem

World Championship VII has reached Week 10 and the pressure is on! With the Round of 32 just a few weeks away, time is running out for teams to make lasting impressions and prove they have tournament-qualifying talent. Tonight it's an eclectic mix of hard-hitting favorites like Riptide and Copperhead, struggling mid-tier sleepers like Mammoth and Shatter! and an electric main event between two bots both desperate for a big win: 2020 runner-up Whiplash and the Brits with Bite -- Monsoon.


Episode 11 - Never Say Die

With the Round of 32 just around the corner, these 14 teams are at a crossroads. With half the Qualifiers already under their belt, tonight victory is crucial. For two British bots, Cobalt and Beta, a strong performance will all but guarantee a strong tournament seed. Meanwhile the strugglers fight to save their tournament lives and BattleBots reputations, including last season's co-rookie of the year, Glitch, languishing at a shocking 0-2. Top of the fight card is a Main Event so vicious, sparks will fly and one will die, when Bloodsport and Rotator collide in the BattleBox.


Episode 12 - Jaws and Claws

With the World Championship VII tournament just around the corner, the race for the Giant Nut kicks into top gear. Tonight's fight card features some of the biggest names in the sport jockeying for tournament seedings in their final fight of the qualifying rounds. In a matchup between jaws and claws, Lock-Jaw squares off against Madcatter. Two of the fastest machines in BattleBots history will do battle when Hypershock tries to save its season against the 3-0 Claw Viper. And in what could be a preview of this year's Championship Final, in the MAIN Event, for the first time ever Sawblaze will face the formidable flipping power of Hydra.


Episode 13 - Pizza Party

With dreams of World Championship glory only a few weeks away, anxious, desperate and dangerous robots are barreling into the arena and putting everything on the line. Tonight, more teams will wrap up their qualifying season with their fourth and final fight. While some seek a coveted top seed in the tournament, others just want to avoid a humiliating defeat. As the roller coaster ride to the Giant Nut nears its apex, it's the last chance to hop on board for the ultimate robot ride.


Episode 14 - The Unbeatables

The bigger they are the harder they fall: tonight, it's a battle of giant wheels as Starchild meets Huge. In the Main Event, Black Dragon is one fight away from a BattleBots record -- the number of battles fought without being knocked out. However tonight they face Riptide, who this year have destroyed every opponent in less than a minute. Let the big bot knockouts begin!


Episode 15 - The Big Reveal

It’s the final qualifying round, and 12 teams face one more fight before the Round of 32 lineup can finally be unveiled. First, defending champion Tantrum faces Whiplash. While some teams are confident of a top seeding in the tournament, others are just desperate to make the cut. Before the big reveal, Minotaur, the bull from Brazil, looks to take revenge on the master of voodoo -- Witch Doctor -- in the most anticipated grudge match of all time.


Episode 16 - World Championship VII -- Round of 32

The World Championship kicks off with the best combat robots in the world competing for the ultimate prize: the Giant Nut. The first half of the Round of 32 will see eight do-or-die battles -- winners progress to the Round of 16, and the losers go home.


Episode 17 - 8 More to Fall

The World Championship Tournament continues with the left side of the bracket. Eight more teams must fall before the final 16 robots are set, and tensions are reaching their boiling point inside the arena. As the squads look to carve out their paths to the Giant Nut, the action inside the BattleBox is more perilous than ever. The most elite field ever assembled has been shrunk down to the best of the best. No bot is safe from a potential upset, and one of these squads might be kickstarting the run of a lifetime and become the next BattleBots champion.


Episode 18 - World Championship VII -- Round of 16

Tonight is the Round of 16, where teams will clash in hopes of breaking into the quarterfinals! These bots survived the Round of 32, but tonight’s action will be bigger, louder and deadlier than ever. The Giant Nut is on the line -- who’s it gonna be?


Episode 19 - The World Championship VII Finals

The World Championship VII Finals have arrived! The most thrilling tournament in the sport's history reaches its epic conclusion tonight. Eight of the baddest bots in the world leave no screw unturned in their quest for BattleBots immortality. A grueling gauntlet awaits, but at the end of it all, one team will be crowned BattleBots World Champion and hoist the most coveted trophy in all of robot combat: the Giant Nut! And stay tuned after the action for the post-show: Road to the Giant Nut, where Chris and Kenny will chat with the new champion.


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