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Dr. Pimple Popper Season 1 Episodes

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Season 1 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - The Lipoma Whisperer

Dr. Sandra Lee helps Melissa who has tried to cover a huge lipoma with a sweatshirt for years. Tyler's fear of cancer has kept him from having his huge head lumps diagnosed, Tahj is covered in painful boils and Amber has ear keloids that have taken control of her life.


Episode 2 - The World's Largest Lump

Dr. Sandra Lee assists patients including Ronen whose mysterious lump above his knee is one of the largest she has ever seen. Amber suffers from a debilitating skin disease that no one understands, Sandy has a neck lump she has named Tommy and Kristy's eyelid cyst is ruining her life.


Episode 3 - This Cyst Persists

Dr. Sandra Lee helps Anthony who has a facial cyst in an area called the triangle of death. Half of Mary's body is a size 18 while the other is a size 10, Shane wants to get a lump removed from his back and Brandi's anxiety keeps her from getting a lump removed from her chest.


Episode 4 - The Curious Case of the Pooting Cyst

Dr. Sandra Lee assists Diane who has thousands of tumors all over her body, ruining her life. Will fears his shoulder lump will be ripped open at work, Anthony's daughters force him to get his lump examined and Kal-Elle detests her hideous varicose veins.


Episode 5 - A Lipoma Jackpot

Dr. Sandra Lee helps Belinda whose lump on her neck causes her to be immobile. Nicole won't get married until she has her armpit lump removed, Adela's chest and back are covered in wisdom spots and Nick foolishly removed a lipoma at home.


Episode 6 - An American Tail

Dr. Sandra Lee helps Taylor who has a large bump at the base of her spine that is far more dangerous than she realizes. John jokes about a lump on his hip, but turns out it's no laughing matter and Noelle had her ears stretched as a teenager, but now wants them repaired.


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