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Dr. Pimple Popper Season 8 Episodes

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Season 8 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Booty and the Beach

Eric hopes Dr. Lee is able to remove the giant growth from his behind. Breanna suffers from itchy dry skin she can't help but scratch. Michael makes jokes, but he knows the bump on his head is anything but funny.


Episode 2 - Poop! (There It Is)

Johnnie's crippling psoriasis keeps him from spending time with his daughter. Aimee has a mohawk of cysts on her head. Edith's face markings and itchy skin condition turn out to be more than she expected.


Episode 3 - Do Iguanas Get Pimples Too?

Dr. Lee faces off with iguana-wrangler Madison's head growths. Chanel suffers from painful cyst tunnels beneath her armpit skin that leak and smell like the food she eats. The dark purple birthmark on Eddie's nose has made him a recluse.


Episode 4 - Alligator Arms

Robert has thousands of unique bumps on his arms that Dr. Lee has never seen. Alexis has a painful cheek cyst that oozes and has a pungent odor. Stuart's cluster of back bumps disgusts his wife, but thrills Dr. Lee.


Episode 5 - Mötley Cÿst

Casey's birthmark covers most of her face, head and neck. James has mysterious massive growths on his inner thigh and lower abdomen that are completely puzzling. Jerry had to hang up his rock star vocal cords when a lump grew out the side of his throat.


Episode 6 - A Head of Cauliflower Bumps

Elizabeth's head is covered with giant cauliflower-shaped bumps. Jamaal has been growing a strange knob on the left side of his butt since he was just a boy. Donna's cracking, bleeding skin condition has aged her face and kept her from being social.


Episode 7 - The Wind Beneath My Nose Bumps

Elaine calls the growth on her love handle her third breast. Jessica's cyst is close to her eye and could be dangerous for Dr. Lee to remove. Dwayne wants his nose bumps removed, but he may not be able to make it through the pain of the procedure.


Episode 8 - Stucco on You

Bob suffers from mysterious open-wound sores all over his body. Virginia's stress-ball-sized lump is such a pain in her neck that she can't wait to have it removed. Ted suffers from flaking, itchy, stucco-like skin and has had no luck finding a cure.


Episode 9 - Fast Times at Nevus High

John lost his sight at a young age and soon after began growing lumps on his body. Lynette has hundreds of pebble-sized bumps all over her arms, chest and belly. Gabe cannot imagine going off to college with the unsightly mole on the back of his head.


Episode 10 - My Octopus Lipoma

Steven's bump is so large, his daughter thinks he is growing a monster on his back. Catherine's arm lump has grown so big that it's nearly up to her armpit. Ethan suffers from an irritating rash in an uncomfortable and awkward place on his body.


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