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Dr. Pimple Popper Season 9 Episodes

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Season 9 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Holy Cyst?!

Kenny was born with a rare condition that causes hundreds of lumps to grow all over his body. Angelica has a growth on her lip that looks like a nipple. Jordan has autism and was born with a condition that causes small bumps to grow on his nose.


Episode 2 - Nevus and Bump-Head

Jacqueline's massive shoulder growth makes it difficult for her to do her favorite hobby: fire spinning. The mysterious bump on James' cheek loves to bleed. Mikalia has had a bumpy, smelly mass on her head since birth.


Episode 3 - Cyst Over Troubled Water

After losing his longtime love, Joe wants the large bumps all over his head removed. The itchy, painful rash on Nisa's ears has spread to her face. Jennifer has dark spots all over her face that nobody is allowed to see.


Episode 4 - Ear Brain

Cedric has a bump on his eye and a painful lump on his neck that have kept him from working. Katherine's large ear cluster puts her neighborhood watch job at risk. Andrea uses makeup to cover the white spots all over her face and body.


Episode 5 - Bumpshakalaka

Jimmy's flaky, raised alligator skin feels like an itchy hell, and he wants it cured so he can find love. Djuka is a stubborn guy with a stubborn bump. Talina has hundreds of tumors all over her body, causing embarrassment and discomfort.


Episode 6 - Plum Nose

Brittney has hundreds of tiny bumps over her chest that have destroyed her confidence. John has a nose the size of a plum and leans on his local family clinic for help. Dr. Lee's friend Raquel drops in and brings out her wild side!


Episode 7 - Pig Snout

Mike's religious beliefs have kept him from seeing a doctor about his huge growth. Kylie has come to love her birthmark and is torn about whether or not to get it removed. Shad's head bump has burst open and smells like death.


Episode 8 - Amputation Deliberation

Tyler's hands are so dry, cracked and painful that he considers getting them amputated. Ebonee covers the tiny bumps around her eyes with sunglasses. Ralph feels like a "cyst factory" with painful cysts covering his back.


Episode 9 - Zombie Skin

Kelly has a massive shoulder growth. Erica stabbed her hand with a pencil 45 years ago and believes the lead remains trapped in her palm. Paula's painful and swollen feet ooze a substance that emits the foulest of odors.


Episode 10 - Leaky Legs

Dr. Lee has a surprise for Paula, who has oozing, odoriferous and painful legs. Mike needs to get rid of the bump on his head before two major life events. Amanda feels inadequate for her husband because of the saggy growth on her back.


Episode 11 - My Demon Bumps

Alyse has been suffering from a burning rash that feels like it's rubbing away her existence. Terry has become too big for his britches due to a painful butt cheek lipoma. James has "demons" on his back that are ruining his life!


Episode 12 - Troop Lipoma Hills

Krystal, a witch, looks to clear a curse of a cyst from her face. Keven wants to get a butt lipoma removed to get his tush back into a regular shape. Raquel, Dr. Lee's esthetician BFF, almost suffocates Dr. Lee with love and a facial.


Episode 13 - Monster in the Mirror

J-Fab is the life of the party, but her shoulder bump is seriously cramping her style. Dan is a gentle giant with lumps on his head that add a few inches. Teresa's red face and bumpy nose make her feel like a monster.


Episode 14 - Keloid-Con

Fit guy Alonso wants to show off his progress in the gym, but his 70 lipomas are holding him back. Porscha is a comic book enthusiast with two symmetrical lumps on her face. Jeffrey has a leaky lump named Larry on the back of his head.


Episode 15 - Veiny Balloons

Robert carries the weight of providing for his family and the weight of the huge lump on his head. Christina has big, veiny, liquid-filled balloons next to her eyes. Felipe is a photographer with a dry skin condition so severe he risks losing his career.


Episode 16 - Scaly Mermaid Skin

Natasha has ambitions of becoming a model, but her massive ear keloids are keeping her off the runway. Eight-year-old Wynter wants her scaly mermaid skin cured. Dr. Lee's bestie Raquel needs help with a new product for a private area.


Episode 17 - Crazy, Stupid, Lump

Jess is a widower looking for love who is stuck with a giant bump on his neck. Cherish developed a leopard-print face during pregnancy. Former NFL defensive tackle Marcell Dareus hopes Dr. Lee can tackle his forehead lipoma.


Episode 18 - California Bumpin'

Brent has a tricep bump that could be intertwined in his muscle. Jeb loves the beach but refuses to go because of the massive number of blackheads, pimples, and cysts all over his body. Wanda has a mysterious mark that is caving in her side.


Episode 19 - Quadripple Nipple

Don has a case of crippling psoriasis that has completely taken over his body. Jeff has a huge growth over his spine that looks like a hunchback. Sara has an extra set of breasts and nipples.


Episode 20 - Tales From the Cyst

Nhan has an extreme, red birthmark that covers half his face. Debbie worries that her shoulder lump will prematurely age her. Justin is a dude rockin' a "man bun," but he's having no fun due to the bumps poking through his scalp.


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