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Home Town Season 2 Episodes

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Season 2 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Home Town Holiday Special

Ben and Erin ring in the New Year with a look back at some of their favorite memories and stunning transformations from the past season that changed the face of their community.


Episode 2 - Banquette Dreams

Virginia newlyweds look for a place to call home in Mississippi. Their wish list includes a banquette, a master bedroom and a spacious front porch. After showing the couple two houses, Ben and Erin Napier get to work.


Episode 3 - An Island For All

A teacher is looking for a house where she can entertain her large family. Ben and Erin create a stylish oasis with a welcoming vibe, plus use beams from the original house to build a stunning kitchen island and custom table.


Episode 4 - Countryside in the City

Ben and Erin create a haven in the city for a couple complete with handmade print wallpaper made by a local artist and a set of dining room buffets created entirely from one of the house's demolished rooms.


Episode 5 - Southern Italianate Charm

Ben and Erin Napier find and restore a home for some longtime friends. They use creative solutions to convert mismatched design elements into a beautiful historical house complete with a custom ottoman and entryway cabinet.


Episode 6 - A Quiet Place to Call Home

Ben and Erin help a pastor with a passion for cooking and gardening find a place of his own. They give the house a Creole cottage makeover, featuring bright colors, a cozy study, a chef's kitchen and a custom gardening bench.


Episode 7 - Move It or Lose It?

Robyn and Cassidy want to move a house to a new plot, but Ben and Erin are skeptical that the home would survive the move. Ben and Erin transform a cozy cottage in town into a dream home to present the couple with a safer option.


Episode 8 - Colorful Custom Cottage

A local restaurant owner and grandmother chooses a cottage that Ben and Erin inject with her shining personality, adding unique touches like a custom-built rolling island in the kitchen and a handmade raised garden bed.


Episode 9 - A Little Rough, A Little Refined

Erin and Ben Napier work with a couple moving home to open a men's store. The couple chooses a home, and Ben and Erin get to work transforming it to include an old English-style office and authentic art from the home's history.


Episode 10 - Room to Grow

Ben and Erin transform a home into a modern, spacious farmhouse with a chicken coop made from a dilapidated children's playhouse for a family seeking more space.


Episode 11 - Small Town Sophistication

Ben and Erin help a couple create the ultimate gathering place complete with a custom table for outdoor dining and a pergola party area.


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