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Episode 1 - From Los Angeles to Laurel

Actor Richard T. Jones and his wife, Nancy, fell in love with Mississippi and want to invest in the community. Ben and Erin give their new home a classic Craftsman front porch, stunning kitchen and a colorful makeover.


Episode 2 - The Littlest House

A business owner that's been living with her mom is ready to find a place she can call her own. She's looking for a small home with a porch, so Ben and Erin transform her new house using breathtaking Americana charm.


Episode 3 - The Church House

A minister and his wife are offered a clergy house, but the home is cramped with their large family. Ben and Erin share their vision for updating the space and show the couple The Collins House to give a second, larger option.


Episode 4 - Can This House Be Saved?

A young woman inherited her family home, but it has been sitting empty for years. She comes to Ben and Erin to see if the house can be saved with her $120,000 budget or if her money is better spent on another property.


Episode 5 - Inspired by the Sea

A woman who has been renting for years is ready to buy a home. Ben and Erin capitalize on the charm of the house she chooses and design a Nantucket-inspired kitchen and a stunning master suite with a big bathtub.


Episode 6 - The Sky's the Limit

A man who has always moved around and loves to travel and meet new people is looking for a large home. Erin and Ben embrace their limitless budget as they design a retreat for him with a Spanish-style kitchen and master suite.


Episode 7 - Restoring a Craftsman

A couple from Alabama is excited to settle down for their next phase of life. Ben and Erin help them choose a forever home and give it a historic renovation with a gorgeous master suite, custom kitchen and screened-in porch.


Episode 8 - Home Away From Home

A couple wants a vacation home that's big enough to entertain but manageable to maintain. After showing them a 1920s cottage and a 1912 Craftsman, Ben and Erin create the perfect getaway for them with a large chef's kitchen.


Episode 9 - Bachelor's Paradise

After years of traveling, a bachelor is ready to buy a home where his family has lived for five generations. Ben and Erin find a cottage with good resale potential, and their design includes a quaint front porch.


Episode 10 - Something About a Porch

A couple is looking for a historic home in the country with a porch and plenty of green space. Ben and Erin transform their new home into a classic, dogtrot-style house full of historic charm and Southern touches.


Episode 11 - A House with History

Jay and Rhonda are professors interested in historic preservation, and now they're looking for an old home of their own. Erin and Ben revive a 1920s craftsman cottage that stays true to its character, including original woodwork.


Episode 12 - Termite Terror

A school teacher misses small town life and looks to make a fresh start in a historic home. Ben and Erin come up with big plans to update her home, but they encounter an unexpected problem that could derail the entire renovation.


Episode 13 - A Southern Dream

A woman inherits her mom's house, but it's far too small for her growing family. Ben and Erin come up with an ambitious plan to double the size of the house, adding a master suite and two additional bedrooms upstairs.


Episode 14 - Fire and Water

A couple is looking for a house where they can entertain friends in a walkable neighborhood. Ben and Erin give their pick a complete facelift by adding a coastal color scheme, built-in banquet and a back patio.


Episode 15 - The Cafe House

Young restaurateur brothers want to open a cafe near downtown with an apartment on the property. Ben and Erin give their choice a functioning cafe kitchen, beautiful cafe dining rooms and an incredibly efficient home.


Episode 16 - Town or Country

A couple that owns rental properties calls on Ben and Erin to help them choose which best meets their needs. Ben and Erin also juggle the renovation of an airstream gifted to them by Chris and Morgane Stapleton.


Episode 17 - A Second Chance

The home Ben and Erin renovated for actor Richard T. Jones and his wife, Nancy, to lease to a local resident is destroyed by a tornado. Ben and Erin fix the damage and re-imagine the home by incorporating the owner's favorite colors and a new backyard.


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