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Episode 1 - A Vacation Every Day

Erin and Ben work with a family of five moving inland from the Mississippi coast. They want a large home with architectural details, and Erin and Ben work on meeting their wish list for a new kitchen and spa-like bathroom.


Episode 2 - Everybody Wants a Porch

A mother is moving her family inland, from the Mississippi Gulf Coast, to accept a new job as a school district superintendent. Their $300,000 all-in budget goes a long way as they consider two massive homes.


Episode 3 - Small Town Life Awaits

A Canadian couple looks to purchase a vacation home that will one day become their retirement home. Ben and Erin restore a Craftsman cottage to give these out-of-towners a true Southern experience.


Episode 4 - Leaving the Nest

Ben and Erin help a couple of artistic newlyweds find the perfect home with spacious kitchen, master suite and plenty of room for entertaining.


Episode 5 - A Doctor in the House

Ben and Erin welcome a new family to town by helping them find a historical charmer with room to grow and a spacious outdoor area for entertaining.


Episode 6 - A Modern Millennial Makeover

Ben and Erin give a home a colorful millennial makeover so their engaged clients can be ready to start the next chapter of their lives together.


Episode 7 - Home Is Where the Art Is

An artist wants to raise her teenage son in the small town near their friends and family. With a budget of up to $200,000, Erin and Ben design a home with a dedicated art studio customized with thoughtful furniture built by Ben.


Episode 8 - Sweet Home Laurel

A Laurel, MS, native is ready to plant roots in the place her family has called home for generations. With her all-in budget of $100,000, Erin and Ben create a quaint home that includes a home office and stylish master bedroom.


Episode 9 - An Old Familiar Place

A woman dreams of retiring in the small town where she has fond memories of her childhood. With her all-in budget of $120,000, Erin designs an elegant, airy home while Ben creates some unique builds including a laundry shoot.


Episode 10 - Small Budget, Big Style

Ben and Erin help a local business owner find a thrifty budget-friendly starter home within walking distance to town.


Episode 11 - Southern Coastal Style

A couple is ready to move back home to MS and put down roots after years of moving for work. With an all-in budget of $300,000, Ben and Erin infuse their new home with coastal charm and create a gorgeous kitchen and outdoor space.


Episode 12 - Putting Down Roots

A couple that was recruited by the local hospital looks for a place to live as they start their new jobs as doctors. Ben and Erin's dazzling makeover includes a new kitchen and a stunning open-concept entertainment space.


Episode 13 - Moving to Main Street

A woman wants to downsize and move into town to be closer to friends and work. Ben and Erin give her house a colorful makeover that includes a whimsical kitchen, stunning master bathroom and dedicated music room.


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