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Season 1 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Murder in Montmartre

A young woman reports to the police that she has overheard a threat of murder. Is she lying or telling the truth?


Episode 2 - Unscheduled Departure

Xavier Marton is a toy salesman – a mild, likeable, very ordinary little man. Is his fantastic story of premeditated murder and violent revenge the wild fancy of a sick mind, or the cunning of a subtle criminal?


Episode 3 - The Burglar's Wife

Sad Freddie, the burglar, is missing.... He has run away. Out on a job one night, he finds a good deal more than his hoped-for loot.


Episode 4 - The Revolver

Maigret is faced with a somewhat ironic situation when his revolver is stolen and seems likely to be used for attempted murder.


Episode 5 - The Old Lady

Conflicting reports of a servant-girl's death from two members of the same family take Inspector Maigret to Normandy to probe the secret lives of charming Madame Besson and her not-so-charming children.


Episode 6 - Liberty Bar

No one knows what William Brown does when each month he goes to Cannes and disappears for several days. One day, however, he returns with a knife in his back.


Episode 7 - A Man of Quality

Some men will go to almost any lengths to preserve a way of life and provide for their dependants. Such a man was Emile Gallet, found shot in the little town of Sancerre.


Episode 8 - My Friend the Inspector

The savage murder of one of the 'characters' living on the sun-drenched Mediterranean island of Porquerolles provides a change of scene for Inspector Maigret.


Episode 9 - The Mistake

Professor Gouin is a brilliant surgeon, but as Maigret says, 'He just doesn't understand what makes people tick.' Caught in the drama of murder, he finds that love at least cannot be diagnosed.


Episode 10 - On Holiday

The serenity of a convent hospital provides a background to tragedy and violence when Maigret's holiday is marred by his wife's attack of appendicitis.


Episode 11 - The Experts

Maigret runs into the tough methods of American gunmen when a racketeer called Luigi sends two of his hoodlums to France to rub out an informer, Mascarelli.


Episode 12 - The Cactus

Lapointe is shot while on duty outside Mlle Clement's apartment house in a backwater of Paris, and Maigret takes up temporary residence there in order to track down his young protege's attacker.


Episode 13 - The Children's Party

A man acting suspiciously in a café arouses Maigret's curiosity and leads him to investigate the lives of three apparently respectable citizens.



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