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Season 2 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Shadow Play

M Couchet is found murdered in his office – his safe rifled. There were three women in his life: wife, ex-wife, and mistress. Is the thief the murderer also?


Episode 2 - The Simple Case

Omer Calas had gone to the country to buy wine. He was still away when, in the river a few yards from his bistro, a dismembered corpse was discovered. Can Maigret find Calas?


Episode 3 - Death of a Butcher

Fumal, an old schoolfellow of Maigret's and now a wealthy meat-trader, asks for police protection: and needs it!


Episode 4 - The Winning Ticket

A dropped railway ticket... a mud-stained car... a frightened voice on the telephone – these are the clues in a puzzling crime that puts Maigret on the trail of a ruthless gang of murderers.


Episode 5 - Inspector Lognon's Triumph

A self-evident suicide, that of the jewel dealer who shot himself while telephoning the police. The trouble is, something exactly like it had happened before...


Episode 6 - The Lost Sailor

Old Joris, a bullet wound in his head, wanders lost and speechless in the maze of Paris. Who shot him? – and who saved his life?


Episode 7 - The Golden Fleece

The men of the Paris canals are tough and resentful of interference. So Maigret finds when he comes to investigate the mysterious accident to Emile Ducrau, and the dangerous web of relationships that caused it.


Episode 8 - Raise Your Right Hand

The trial of Gaston Meurant is about to start. He is charged with double murder and there seems little doubt of what the verdict will be. Can Maigret uncovers new evidence likely to save Meurant's life?


Episode 9 - The Liars

They're all liars, and proud of it, down in the tiny village of St Andre. But old Leonie, the Postmistress, knows too many of their secrets...


Episode 10 - A Crime for Christmas

It is Christmas and the Maigrets are looking forward to a quiet and peaceful day. But it seems that Father Christmas called the previous night on the little girl across the road, and showed a remarkable interest in the floor boards!


Episode 11 - The Reluctant Witnesses

The tottering Lachaume mansion, with its attendant biscuit factory, had nothing to tempt a burglar. Who, then, was the killer of Leonard Lachaume? Maigret finds a sinister reason for the family's reluctance to talk.


Episode 12 - The White Hat

Maigret comes into conflict with a defence lawyer intent on scoring points in the media at the police's expense. Mme Maigret has her own problems when she looks after a baby abandoned in a public park.


Episode 13 - Murder on Monday

Louis Thouret lives in the suburbs of Paris. He is a henpecked, meek little man who leaves for and returns from work as regular as clockwork. Then one day he fails to return – and Maigret unravels a strange secret life.



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