Maigret Season 3 Episodes

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Season 3 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Voices from the Past

The violent death of the aged Count of St Hilaire, aristocrat, ex-Ambassador, takes Maigret into a world where he has to tread delicately.


Episode 2 - The Madman of Vervac

Wounded and confined to a hotel bed, Maigret has to use unorthodox means to discover the madman who is terrorising the little town of Vervac.


Episode 3 - The Countess

A sentimental journey takes Maigret back to St Fiacre, the village of his boyhood. There he is confronted with a case of intrigue and murder concerning the Countess and her family.


Episode 4 - The Wedding Guest

A story told in the death cell leads Maigret to a mock-wedding at a riverside inn – and the key to an old murder.


Episode 5 - High Politics

A stolen document threatens a cabinet minister with disgrace – and Maigret discovers that politics can be a game of life and death.


Episode 6 - Love From Felicie

Captivating and maddening by turns, Felicie leads Chief Inspector Maigret a pretty dance in his investigation of the murder of old Lapie.


Episode 7 - The Dirty House

Dragged from his holiday to investigate the drowning of a young girl, Maigret uncovers a murder that is beyond reach of the law.


Episode 8 - The Crystal Ball

'The Fortune Teller will die at 3'… an anonymous note leads Maigret on a trail of blackmail and murder.


Episode 9 - The Crooked Castle

Trucks thunder day and night past the sinister House of the Three Widows – where Maigret discovers a strange conspiracy of murder and betrayal.


Episode 10 - Death in Mind

A few careless words in a bar lead to a double murder – and involve Maigret in a duel with a dying man.


Episode 11 - Seven Little Crosses

Seven broken alarm posts stretch an erratic trail across Paris one Christmas morning – and a small boy leads Lucas on a dangerous manhunt.


Episode 12 - The Trap

There was only one way to trap the Montmartre killer – but it was the greatest risk Maigret had ever taken.


Episode 13 - The Amateurs

A murdered thief – a series of daring hold-ups. A strange quirk of chance leads Maigret to the solution of two unconnected crimes.



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