Spring Baking Championship

Spring Baking Championship Season 7 Episodes

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Season 7 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Spring on the Farm

Host Ali Khan challenges 11 bakers to whip up tasty farm stand breakfast treats. Then the bakers must show off their skills and impress judges Kardea Brown, Nancy Fuller and Duff Goldman with a cake and dessert creation featuring happy, dancing cows.


Episode 2 - Spring Celebrations

The bakers celebrate the vibrant colors of spring as host Ali Khan challenges them to make colorful, spicy sweets for Holi, a Hindu spring festival. Then they use a spring green ingredient to create a leaping leprechaun dessert for St. Patrick's Day.


Episode 3 - Spring Bunnies and Chickens, Oh My!

Host Ali Khan challenges the bakers to create beautiful edible eggs with a surprise flavor and decorative spring chick. Then the bakers try to impress judges Kardea Brown, Nancy Fuller and Duff Goldman with their spectacular hot cross bunnies.


Episode 4 - Spring Romance

Host Ali Khan pairs up the bakers to create a proposal dessert plate for a spring couple. Then it's all about baking a spring wedding cake, but each baker makes half the cake without seeing their teammate's work because love is blind!


Episode 5 - Spring Babies

Host Ali Khan challenges the bakers to make desserts that look like baby gifts and have spring flavor pairings like lemon and thyme or kumquat and mint. Then they must create baby shower dessert towers to impress the judges.


Episode 6 - Spring Flower Fiesta

Host Ali Khan challenges the bakers to use pressed and dried flowers in their spring party desserts. Then they must make a flower fantasy cake that features a flower flavor such as hibiscus, jasmine and elderflower.


Episode 7 - The Spring Cookie Classic

Host Ali Khan challenges the bakers to invent their own spring delight featuring cookies, ice cream and fruit. Then they're assigned classic cookies to turn into spring desserts.


Episode 8 - Spring Pastimes

Host Ali Khan challenges the remaining bakers to make a fruity spring dessert in a skillet to enjoy around the campfire. Then each baker is assigned a wintry craft and tasked with creating a look-alike, spring-themed cake.


Episode 9 - Spring Break

Host Ali Khan challenges the remaining bakers to combine destination desserts with classic snacks. Then the bakers create a two-dessert landscape resembling a vacation in a national forest, amusement park, city or tropical beach.


Episode 10 - Spring Gardens: The Birds and the Bugs

Host Ali Khan challenges the final bakers to create spring songbird-themed desserts. Then, to win the title and $25,000 prize, they must make a lush spring garden cake with a surprise design element inside.


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