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A Place to Call Home Season 4 Episodes

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Season 4 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - S4 EP1 A Nagging Doubt

As Sarah's life continues to hang in the balance Carolyn starts to see her life crumble, and George comes closer to finding out the truth about Regina.


Episode 2 - S4 EP2 Bad in a Good Way

Sarah's accusation of Regina sees her labelled as a potential Communist; Jack proves to Carolyn that she's worthy of him and Anna forges forward with her writing career.


Episode 3 - S4 EP3 When You're Smiling

Sarah and Roy take a trip to Sydney while James begins to sort through his feelings and Carolyn admits the truth to Elizabeth.


Episode 4 - S4 EP4 Home to Roost

Tensions rise between Regina and Anna as Sir Robert Menzies visit grows closer. Meanwhile, Harry helps Sarah heal some of her deep emotional scars.


Episode 5 - S4 EP5 Happy Days Are Here Again

Anna's literary dreams are threatened when Jack and Carolyn ask her not to use them as plot devices. Meanwhile, Elizabeth, Sarah and Anna formulate a plan to destroy Regina.


Episode 6 - S4 EP6 The Trouble with Harry

Jack fronts the medical board; Gion and Carolyn attempt to push Anna to have childen; Elizabeth and Olivia work together to protect James from Harry.


Episode 7 - S4 EP7 You're Just in Love

Jack and Carolyn's wedding day arrives; Elizabeth and Douglas grow closer; George learns of James and Henry's relationship.


Episode 8 - S4 EP8 There'll Be Some Changes Made

Jack and Douglas are forced to deal with Sir Richard when he threatens the refuge. Meanwhile, James continues to struggle with his feelings for Harry.


Episode 9 - S4 EP9 Where Will the Baby's Dimple Be

George's lack of support and poor timing when Sarah goes into labour leaves their relationship on shaky grounds.


Episode 10 - S4 EP10 And the Blind Shall See

Anna pushes Gino to the limit; Sarah advises Olivia; James gives Harry a choice; Elizabeth begins Operation Vanquish Regina.


Episode 11 - S4 EP11 Catch the Tiger

Convinced of Regina's duplicity, George warns Elizabeth to be careful. James and Henry's relationship is precarious, while Roy continues to act as Sarah's protector.


Episode 12 - S4 EP12 All Good Things

Olivia plots a new direction, Harry finds a new home, Jack and Carolyn support their daughter, and Sir Richard plans his revenge.


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